The Enemy is Octopus Head is the 111th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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Shoichi Irie goes inside a special room and activates the Merone Base's abilities. The base begins moving, and the Vongola invaders are shocked, thinking that it was an earthquake. Shoichi declares that it was their turn to be hunted.

The floor that Gokudera, Ryohei, Yamamoto, and Lal Mirch are standing on suddenly begins to move and change location. Yamamoto becomes separated from Gokudera and Ryohei. Gokudera urges Yamamoto to grab his hand, but Yamamoto merely smiles and Ryohei pulls Gokudera back, saying that it is too late. They decide to go on separately and, as they are saying this, a wall rises up, exposing a tunnel. Shoichi says that Cappuccino must be waiting there.

In the room, Gokudera and Ryohei are confronted by a man with purple hair and red, glowing eyes. Meanwhile, Yamamoto tries to figure out a solution to his predicament.

Cappuccino declares that he will be their opponent, and directs them to look at the ceiling, where a giant mass suddenly shoots out tentacles. He introduces it as the "Testa di Polipo" (lit: Octopus Head). Gokudera attempts to fire a Sistema C.A.I. bullet at the giant octopus to free Uri, who had been trapped, but the hole quickly regenerates due to the Sun Flames' activation. Ryohei sits down and declares the fight to be Octopus Head vs. Octopus Head.

Tsuna, in Spanner's lab, is also shocked by the "earthquake." After Spanner leaves to get supplies, Tsuna attempts to grab his equipment, but is stopped by Mini Moska and sits down, afraid. At the Vongola Base, they are convinced that Tsuna is safe, but are slightly worried that Gokudera is fighting. Also, reinforcements have come for the group previously defeated by Hibari. Though they are stronger than those he defeated, Hibari declares that the outcome would still remain the same.

Gokduera is frustrated that no matter how many shots he fires, none of them seem to be doing any damage. Cappuccino fires poison needles from his head, which Gokudera dodges; however, right before Gokudera fires a shot in his face, Cappuccino's hair elongates and wraps itself around Gokudera. Gokduera ends up hanging upside-down from both Cappuccino's hair and Octopus Head's tentacles, while still refusing help from Ryohei.

A bemused Spanner walks back into his lab to find Tsuna being sat on by Mini Moska.

Gokduera, now trapped inside Octopus Head, worries about what Tsuna would think of him. Ryohei still refuses to help him, saying that he had promised to do so and that he has faith in Gokudera. Cappuccino then directs Octopus Head's tentacles to strike Ryohei, but before they make contact, they bubble up and explode. The entire octopus explodes, and Gokudera lands safely. Cappuccino's hair falls off, revealing him as a weak, gray-haired man, and he runs away.

Shoichi expresses his disapproval of Cappuccino, and Yamamoto is startled by something he sees.

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