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Since Reborn's arrival, Tsuna begins to meet new and strange people. One of those people is Hayato Gokudera, a Mafia member who wants to kill Tsuna in order to become the Vongola Boss. Meanwhile, Tsuna is forced to help the volleyball team, including his friend Takeshi Yamamoto, due to his show of strength in the previous episode. After the match, he is challenged to a fight by Hayato for the place of the 10th. When Reborn comes, he explains that if Tsuna were to be killed by Hayato, Hayato would be in the new 10th-in-training. Later, we learn that the loser becomes the subordinate of the winner. At the end, Tsuna gained two new Family members for the Family, Yamamoto and Hayato, with Yamamoto thinking it's a child's pretend game.

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