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The End of School!? is the 2nd episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.


The episode begins with Reborn's voice describing Tsuna as being way below average. A spotlight then falls on him as he calls himself the "Home Tutor, Reborn!"

In the morning, the audience is shown Tsuna sleeping in his mess of a room. Reborn calls Tsuna to wake up, and when that fails, he decides to use the "traditional Vongola awakening method", and promptly uses defibrillators to shock Tsuna awake. He informs Tsuna that today, a new transfer student will be introduced, and that Tsuna will participate in the volleyball tournament because they had run out of both regular players and substitutes. Tsuna wonders if Reborn had assassinated them, but Reborn assures him that it was only because they were suffering stomach problems from receiving pizza from the same place. Tsuna complains that he couldn't play because he was terrible at ball sports, but Reborn tells him that it was his destiny.

At school the same morning, Tsuna and Kyoko speak briefly about the new student before heading off to class. Inside the classroom, the teacher introduces the new student from Italy, Hayato Gokudera. While the whole class is fascinated by him, Tsuna notices that the females are especially entranced, with some of them going as far to say that they will create a fanclub for him. On his way to his desk, Gokudera purposefully knocks over Tsuna's desk. After class, some of the students go to Tsuna's desk to wish him good luck for the volleyball tournament, and Tsuna realizes that he may be able to do well if he was shot by the Dying Will Bullet again. Gokudera, observing from the back, contemplates whether Tsuna will do as well as he had during the kendo match.

Tsuna goes looking for Reborn so that he could be shot, and finds him inside his hiding place, which is the fire extinguisher case, taking his coffee break. Reborn declines Tsuna's request because Tsuna's ego was inflated by the compliments given to him; therefore, he has no dying will. Though Tsuna realizes that the Dying Will Bullet was useless, Reborn nonetheless convinces him to go and play because he tells Tsuna that nobody would laugh at him if he tried his hardest.

Outside the gym, Tsuna decides that he will just get it over as soon as possible; however, when he walks in, he is shocked to see that the entire gym is filled with people there cheering him on. The team encourages him to do his best, and he is slightly taken aback from seeing Gokudera also as a part of the team. Kyoya Hibari tells the supervisor that the game is ready to begin, and he complies.

As the game begins, Tsuna is saved from an oncoming ball from Yamamoto, but when he tries to spike the ball, fails miserably and is hit in the face. Over the course of the game, Tsuna misses play after play, and finally he cannot take it anymore and tells the team that he had hurt his leg after the fight with Kensuke Mochida and that he was in no condition to fight. However, he then noticed that everyone on the team was covered with injuries and decided to play anyway. Reborn, watching from a platform above, thinks that Tsuna has finally understood and shoots him with two Jump Bullets. Tsuna does not realize this, and when he jumped up for a spike, instead blocked it with, as Ryohei Sasagawa put it, his "man-part".

After his save, the team has a noticeable change in cooperation, and eventually their team wins. Yamamoto congratulates Tsuna, and Reborn observes from his platform that Yamamoto's athleticism is a necessity for the family. Gokudera says that Tsuna isn't fit to become the Vongola Tenth, and demands a meeting.

Outside, Gokudera says that if Tsuna became the Tenth, the Vongola Famiglia was done for, and that he would make a much better candidate for becoming the boss. Reborn jumps down from a tree and greets Gokudera. Gokudera then unleashes his dynamites, and Reborn tells Tsuna that his nickname was "Hurricane Bomb Hayato". Tsuna runs away, but Gokudera catches up. Yamamoto then appears and holds up one of the bombs, thinking that it was a child's toy. Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet, and Tsuna extinguishes all the bombs, even after Gokudera uses his Triple Bombs attack. Tsuna unknowingly saves Gokudera by putting out some bombs that were near his feet, and after doing so Gokudera bows down to him and admits that he never wanted to be boss but only wished to test Tsuna. Yamamoto also states that he wanted to join the "family." A group of delinquents show up, and Gokudera states that he wants to "make himself useful".

Later, Nana Sawada is shown running downtown confused, because she had thought that the loud noises were stores advertising sales.