The End of Genkishi is the 248th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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As Yamamoto and the Vongola rejoice at the defeat of Genkishi, Genkishi wonders why Yamamoto didn't deal the final blow, to which Yamamoto replies that he refused to kill, since it wasn't his style. Genkishi vows to get revenge on him in the name of Byakuran when Kikyo contacts him and starts to praise him for being the right hand of Byakuran, doing many missions, even important ones. As Genkishi tells Kikyo that he is more worthy of a miracle from Byakuran, Kikyo releases Cloud Element Bell Flowers from Genkishi's back. Kikyo reveals that he had concealed the flowers in his armor before the match in case he lost so he would be eliminated when no longer needed, and that those were Byakuran's orders. Genkishi couldn't believe Byakuran would turn his back on him, and in rage, shouts those words back to Kikyo. Kikyo tells him that it was true, whether he believed it or not. Since the fighters and spectators couldn't communicate, Genkishi couldn't talk to Byakuran.

Genkishi thinks about the past, as Byakuran was the one who saved him from an incurable disease which made him vow to follow and obey all of his commands. As the Bell Flowers continue to grow, the Vongola Famiglia can't do anything but watch the cruelty. Genkishi then yells out to Kikyo, saying that Byakuran would never leave him. Byakuran is shown with this regular grin saying that Genkishi has done good work, but suddenly turns cold, stating he was done with him. Genkishi, covered in the Bellflowers, continues to believe in Byakuran, not even afraid of death because he believes he would be saved again. Genkishi is then killed by the Bellflowers. Even though the Vongola are in shock of the first death they've seen during Choice, Shoichi Irie keeps them focused, knowing that they have the numbers in their advantage, sending Tsuna and Yamamoto to go after Deisy, the Millefiore's target, while Gokudera, Spanner, and himself confront Kikyo.

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