The End and the Aftermath is the 81st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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With Mukuro Rokudo defeated, the battle is over and the flame on Tsuna's forehead disappears. Tsuna then remembers everyone that's wounded but Reborn informs him that the Vongola Medical Team has arrived in the area and already gave Lancia the antidote. Tsuna and Reborn look at Mukuro's unconscious body and Tsuna concludes that he's still alive. As Tsuna made to approach Mukuro, he is stopped by Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto. Tsuna sees their devotion for Mukuro and asks for the reason they're doing it. Ken reveals that they were used as Guinea pigs by their own family and Reborn realizes that they were part of the Estraneo Famiglia that created the forbidden Possession Bullet. Ken scoffs at him, saying that they only marked it forbidden for their own convenience.

Ken then recounts that when the time the possession bullet was categorized as forbidden, other families labeled the members of the Estraneo Family as brutes and killed them whenever they go outside. This motivated the adults to continue their experiments to invent special weapons. One by one, their friends died and everyday was hell until Mukuro stood up and destroyed their miserable life and they followed him because for once in their life, they had a place to go.

Ken tells Tsuna that they can't let him destroy that place but Tsuna tells him that he can't stay quiet as his friends get hurt since that is his place for him to go. Just then, three person arrive and binds Mukuro, Ken and Chikusa with their chains. Reborn tells Tsuna that they are the Vindice, enforcers of the commandments in the Mafia world and are those who trial those who cannot be trialed by law. The Vindice then begins to drag the Kokuyo gang and Tsuna tries to stop them but Reborn tells him to not try, saying that their crime will be put on trial and they will be punished. Just then, the Medical team arrives and begins to tend to Futa, Bianchi, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Hibari. As Tsuna tries to check on the conditions of his friends, his body begins to hurt and he collapses. Reborn explains that the Rebuke Bullet abuses the body during battle mode and returns as pain. Tsuna passes out due to severe pain and Reborn watches his student, congratulating him for doing a good job and takes a nap by his side.

One month later, the baseball team's autumn game takes place. Everyone goes to cheer for Yamamoto except for Gokudera and Ryohei who shouts at the opposite team to work harder or quit to join the boxing club. Bianchi then arrives, causing Gokudera to collapse and Tsuna can't help but feel that their battle with Mukuro never happened. Suddenly, Tsuna has a strange feeling and looks behind him. However, he thinks that it was just his imagination but Reborn notices that a kid is possessed by Mukuro and tells him that they will play again anytime...

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