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Mukuro, in Ken's body attempts to attack the collapsed Tsuna and make a contract with him with his trident. But before he is able to stab Tsuna, Tsuna grabs it with his new X-Gloves and claims if I don't defeat you, I can never die in peace. Mukuro jumps back and claims that the special bullet did hit you, but the flame is much more fiercer flame then the one Tsuna had during the fight with Lancia. Reborn says this bullet is different from Dying Will Bullet, it is the Rebuke Bullet. With the new Rebuke Bullet, Tsuna attains the Hyper Dying Will Mode, which shifts his erratic despair into a calm, collected state, which is more different from Tsuna's wild exposure in Dying Will Mode. Reborn claims that in Hyper Dying Will Mode, his internal senses are enhanced and Tsuna's Hyper Intuition is released. While Dying Will Mode only enhances his body. Mukuro claims it makes no difference and attacks with Ken and Chikusa, which Tsuna takes down easily in this new form. But Mukuro claims you can defeat them, but can you defeat your own friends. Just then Gokudera and Bianchi attacks Tsuna with a barrage of kicks and punches, which Tsuna voluntarily takes. Mukuro starts laughing saying your body will become mine. But Reborn says Tsuna is taking the hits to reduce the stress on his friends body and instinctively he knocked them out. Mukuro claims the fight isn't finished yet as he gets up in his own body. While in this state, Tsuna manages to defeat Mukuro, who is captured along with his gang and are taken by the Vindice, the protectors of mafia law.


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