The Dumpling Bun of Love and Death is the 11th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna dreams about finally marrying Kyoko, but when he lifts the veil, he sees Haru instead. Tsuna wakes up, frightened, and Reborn tells him that if he wouldn't confess to Kyoko, he would take care of it himself. Tsuna, resigned, goes to school to confess, but is interrupted by Ryohei, who had just arrived at school. Now that it didn't work, he attempts to ask her at lunch, but Gokudera and Yamamoto argue about who could sit beside Tsuna. After Kyoko and Hana leave, Yamamoto and Gokudera talk to Tsuna about Kyoko and women in general, and after Tsuna miserably states that he isn't popular, Gokudera offers Tsuna food. Reborn rises out of the ground and comments to Tsuna that he was popular with his subordinates.

After school, Tsuna walks down the Namimori Shopping District, miserable, but Haru greets him and locks arms with him. She drags him to a cake shop to buy a cake, telling Tsuna that today was her once-a-month "Haru Appreciation Day". However, Kyoko walks in the store and Tsuna is embarrassed, but Tsuna finds that today was both Kyoko and Haru's "appreciation day". Reborn, however, invites Haru and Kyoko to Tsuna's house, to Tsuna's happiness.

At Tsuna's house, Haru and Kyoko share cake with Reborn and I-Pin. With them is the 15-year-old Lambo. He reveals that when Haru was telling Lambo that they had cake, Lambo ran and tripped, causing the Ten Year Bazooka to fire. Haru and Kyoko, meanwhile, agree to go to the cake store the next day they have a day off school. I-Pin also expresses that she likes the cake, and offers them her secret gyōza buns. Tsuna politely refuses, but Haru and Kyoko eagerly agree. When Kyoko and Haru eat it, they state that it was delicious, but soon collapse. Tsuna and Reborn are stricken, but Bianchi enters the room and mistakes the future Lambo for Romeo, the former turning back into his child self at that moment. Bianchi dismisses it as an illusion of some sort and Tsuna is relieved. Bianchi assesses Kyoko and Haru's unconsciousness and reveals that gyōza buns contained the essence of 5 million normal dumplings, something that could kill a normal person. Tsuna is desperate and asks for Shamal's help, but Bianchi states that he wasn't in Japan at the moment. I-Pin remembers that she had the antidote, but she finds that she only has enough for one person. Bianchi states that now love would be put to the test and to Tsuna that he had to choose a person, leading Tsuna to be in deep conflict, but Reborn tells him to save them both, shooting Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet. Reborn tells I-Pin to get an antidote from someone that does have it.

Tsuna takes I-Pin and runs out to find that certain someone. While running, he runs past Gokudera and Yamamoto, who chase after him. Tsuna runs into the Namimori Shopping District and I-Pin points to a location, stating that she had found her master. However, I-Pin made a mistake because of her near-sightedness. After a couple more mistakes as well as the assistance of Gokudera and Yamamoto in the process, I-Pin finally concludes that her master wasn't present. However, she suddenly points out a heavily clothed figure that she states to be her master. Tsuna rushes to ask the person for the antidote, but the person mutely expresses his confusion. I-Pin, however, runs up and tells her master that she had made a mistake, and her master hurriedly rushes to administer his antidote. Kyoko and Haru are healed, but all the cakes are finished, much to Gokudera's dismay. Bianchi enters the room and offers Gokudera her Poison Cooking cake. Watching Kyoko smile at the situation, Tsuna concludes that he didn't have to confess to Kyoko, mentally. Reborn looks up from his cake and tells him that what he was doing was referred to as "gutless". Tsuna is surprised at Reborn's knowledge of his thoughts, but Reborn reminds him that he could read minds, dismaying Tsuna.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the manga, Reborn shot both Kyoko and Haru with the Dying Will Bullet instead of Tsuna running to find I-Pin's master.

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