The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom is the 5th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The day starts out as any other normal day would. Nana Sawada cooks breakfast for everyone who now stays at her house, including Bianchi, Lambo, Reborn, and Tsuna, her son. When Tsuna gets out of the crazy household, he is stopped by Haru, who had prepared a bento for him. While she was giving it to him, Kyoko happens to walk by, and Tsuna was afraid that she would misunderstand the situation, which she did.

Next, the scene takes us to the a room in the school that apparently all of the clubs are having a meeting in. They were discussing room arrangements. One of them noticed that one club got the reception room and wanted to know which club. When someone told her that it was the Disciplinary Committee, she stopped and looked frightened. Kyoya Hibari, head of the committee, asked if there was a problem. She told him no, but the Tree Committee had their outburst on that. Hibari just stared them down. Later, we see the Tree Committee members get beaten up by the other members. They told them that it wasn't because they defied Hibari but that they made a crowd in front of him. We then see Reborn looking on his computer taking some interest in Hibari.

We then see Tsuna, Yamamoto , and Gokudera eating on the rooftop as usual. After Gokudera threatens to blow everything up, Reborn appears in a costume made by Bianchi . With the spikes of it covered in some sleeping stuff, Reborn touches Tsuna. He then goes on telling them about maybe finding a place, like a hideout. Tsuna then just falls over in a sleeping state. Reborn said that it'll wear off shortly.

Gokudera and Yamamoto take Tsuna to the reception room, and Reborn gives them some coffee. While drinking it, Hibari comes in, wondering what they're doing. Hibari then pulls out his tonfas and uses them against Gokudera, knocking him out. Yamamoto, who knows about Hibari, fights him. He uses defense movements, and Hibari stated that the way he was defending his hand was a sign that he was in the baseball club. Hibari knocks Yamamoto out, taking both of them to the window to "get rid of the trash." Tsuna wakes up. After a failed attempt at fighting, Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet . He hits Hibari in the head, but only for Hibari to drop his friends. Tsuna reaches them before they fall. Hibari, annoyed at the moment, attacks Reborn. Reborn blocks him with ease. Hibari then states that he wants to fight him. Reborn then shows a stick of dynamite that was lit and the place explodes. Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera all end up landing in the pool.

Hibari is shown with the other members of the Disciplinary Committee cleaning up the place, except for the fact that Hibari is just observing. While looking out the window, Hibari and Reborn look at each other. After everyone walks away, Bianchi and Lambo appear, riding a bike to take Reborn home while Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto have to walk.

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