The Desolation Bullets is the 45th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.


School just finished and Tsuna is walking home. As he walks, he sees an old lady who asks him if he is in Class 2-A. The lady asks him to give something to Longchamp. Suddenly, Longchamp arrives and Tsuna learns that the old lady is his new girlfriend. Longchamp then tries to get Tsuna to start something new for the new semester with Reborn agreeing with him.

With Tsuna, Longchamp begins to run around the school in search of something to do. They meet up with Ryohei who tries to persuade them to join the boxing club. Tsuna is surprised to see him there, since he saw him graduate last spring. However, Ryohei reveals that he participated in the graduation but remembered that he was still on Year 2, much to Tsuna's surprise. Longchamp wants to join the club but Tsuna declines. Mangusta then shoots Ryohei with his Desolation Bullet which causes him to try to get Tsuna's sympathy. However, Tsuna is able to stop himself from accepting the invitation and runs off with Lonchamp following him.

The two is then greeted by Doctor Shamal and Reborn who invites them to work at the nurse's office. Longchamp is all for it but Tsuna declines again. Mangusta shoots another Desolation Bullet and hits Shamal who tries to get Tsuna's sympathy. However, Tsuna is able to see through it and leaves. He then meets Hibari. Hibari thinks that Tsuna wants to join the Namimori Middle Discipline Committee since he was informed by Reborn. Longchamp arrives and accepts the invitation and introduces himself to Hibari. Tsuna declines again which is followed by Mangusta shooting another Desolation Bullet. However, Hibari is able to stop the bullet from hitting him and prepares to attack the two. Afraid for his boss, Mangusta shoots Longchamp with a Desolation Bullet but when Hibari is still about to attack, he shoots Tsuna with one too. However, Hibari is able to resist the effects and beats the two up...



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