The Day of the Clash is the 394th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The Rainbow Wristwatches announce the battle to commence in one minute. Reborn comments that everything was going to plan and asks if everyone was ready; they agree.

In Team Bermuda's base, Bermuda von Veckenschtein addresses his followers, informing them that the real Team Mammon, Verde, and Reborn were in separate locations, consequently ordering them to separately attack each team.

At each of the three team's locations, they ready themselves as Team Bermuda's Vindice arrive via the Flame of Night portal. Bermuda personally addresses Reborn, asking him if he would join; however, Reborn replies in the negative. Bermuda is pleasantly surprised, and Dino resolvedly adds towards Bermuda that he wouldn't let him win. Bermuda casually dismisses their refusal, stating that he had no use for allies that clung to life. Bermuda states to Jaeger that he was counting on him, to which Tsuna replies that it wouldn't be the same as last time, as he had his friends with him. Jaeger coldly responds that it didn't matter how much pieces of trash attacked, the results would be identical.

The wristwatches start the battle, and Jaeger instantly decapitates Gokudera, much to Team Reborn's shock; however, Jaeger and Bermuda discover that Gokudera was a puppet with a Dying Will Flame lantern within it, to imitate a real Flame. Reborn amusedly answers their unspoken question, stating that with their geniuses: Shoichi, Spanner, and Verde, they created a Decoy Puppet, not only able to project voices, but their Flames as well. Jaeger furiously destroys every other puppet, but Bermuda calmly approaches Reborn, noting that he was the real one, and asks him if the three teams had joined together. Meanwhile, the Team Bermuda member attacking Team Mammon is shocked to discover that they were Decoy Puppets. To the side, the real Tsuna, Basil, and Enma emerge, each in Hyper Dying Will Mode, and Tsuna states that they would pick them off, one by one.

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