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The Curse of the Rainbow Arc (虹の呪い編, Niji no Noroi-hen?) is the 6th and final story arc of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series. It briefly follows the Varia's quest to acquire new battle strength and mostly the Arcobaleno's efforts to free the curse of their baby body from themselves by fighting one another in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

Plot Overview[]

Search for Fran[]

Reborn's Letter

In the Varia headquarters, Mammon has just finished bathing. They promptly receive a letter from Reborn written in the Arcobaleno Secret Code. Mammon, by shining their Arcobaleno Pacifier's light on the message, learns that Reborn has gotten a hint regarding the Arcobaleno curse. Before Mammon finishes reading the letter, Belphegor enters the room and tells them that there was an emergency meeting. At the meeting room, Superbia Squalo announces that they will be recruiting a new Varia officer, surprising everyone in the room except Xanxus. From the memories of their battle in the future, the Varia recall that Fran was appointed as the new officer in the future. While everyone else is arguing over the topic at hand, Mammon ignores all the commotion since they're solely focusing on Reborn's letter and the fact that they might have to tell Xanxus everything about the Arcobaleno curse. Because they are deep in thought, Mammon fails to see food being thrown at them, and as a result, the letter becomes heavily stained with food. They immediately excuse themself from the table so they can continue reading their letter. However, they cannot read the most important part of the letter due to the stain and their pride wouldn't allow them to ask other Arcobaleno for help. In the midst of their dilemma, Belphegor interrupts them and informs them that the Varia will go to Jura, France, to retrieve Fran. Knowing that there's a Pacifier Spring in Jura that can make their Pacifier bright enough to read the message, Mammon decides to follow along. As they arrive in France, they all go to Fran's grandmother's house to ask about Fran. Fran's grandmother tells them that Fran has gone playing at the upstream of the river. The Varia heads out and arrives at their destination, but instead find the Kokuyo Junior High Gang members; Mukuro Rokudo, Ken Joshima, Chikusa Kakimoto, and M.M), who are also looking for Fran to recruit him. While exchanging words, they notice a figure wearing a huge apple hat on the river, the figure commenting on how his grandmother's lunchboxes were horrible. Belphegor points out that the boy is Fran.

Child Fran

Fran plays in the river until he notices the Kokuyo Gang and Varia's presences. He mistakenly calls them fairies, much to their chagrin. Mukuro approaches him as he states that he is his master, but Fran calls him a pineapple fairy, and then calls the Varia tooth decay fungi. Belphegor throws his knives at Fran, who gets down and the knives hit his hat instead. However, it turns out to be an illusion. Fran tries to run away from them, but Ken tries to stop him, telling Fran to calm down, and declaring that they were on his

The Arcobaleno (minus Reborn and Aria) gathered at Pacifier Fountain

side. Fran then mocks his habit of saying 'Byon' after his sentences and calls him a stupid fairy and not to touch him or else he would catch his stupidity. Levi A Than tries to stop him as well, but Fran states that he isn't scary at all, and ignores him in the hopes that he'll go away, shocking Levi A Than. Mukuro and Superbia Squalo, along with Chikusa, stop him by pointing their weapons at him. Fran then tries to calm them down, which turns out into insulting them; Squalo about his hair, Chikusa about his skin, and Mukuro for his supposed 'pineapple reek', angering the three people further. Squalo questions if Fran recently hit his head, to which Fran answers that, according to his grandmother, he hit his head on a block of cheese, and claims that he cannot remember anything, which is his memories of the future. Knowing this, both Mukuro and Squalo turn to each other, and then attempt to shove the responsibility of taking Fran on one another. Squalo tells Mukuro that Fran is his disciple and he should be the one to take care of him, but Mukuro refuses and retorts that he's also busy and that the Varia should take Fran and cure him of his stupidity before he takes him back. Meanwhile, Mammon arrives at the Pacifier Spring and meets the other Arcobaleno, with the exception of Aria and Reborn. They then show their letters from Reborn and reveal that it is another one of Reborn's games, to gather them together to be able to read the entire message. Parts of the letters are purposely left illegible. By layering the letters on top of each other, the entire message can be shown. They then proceed to decipher Reborn's message, finding out the conclusion of Tsuna's battle with Daemon, the eight flame, and the Arcobaleno with transparent pacifier, surprising them. They feel like they have seen the Arcobaleno before, and the other Arcobaleno all have an idea as to who it may be. Back at the Kokuyo Gang and Varia's situation, they decide to use a game of ladder to settle it, with the loser taking Fran without holding any grudges. However, Fran interrupts and says that he wants to choose for himself, and pointed to one of the two groups, the chosen one being unknown.

Chrome's Transfer[]

Chrome transferred to Tsuna's class

Back to a day before, at night Tsuna, Reborn, and Lambo are in the bathroom, taking their baths. Reborn frightens Lambo with the size of the lathering from his shampoo, which is at least as tall as Tsuna himself. Futa appears when they emerge from the bathroom, handing Tsuna a glass of water. Reborn asks Bianchi for beer, but Tsuna objects on the basis of his infant status. Annoyed, Reborn goes to bed along with the others. Tsuna stays up for a bit, wondering what an Arcobaleno is and what the curse mentioned by Mammon is, having been reminded by the beer incident. The next day, Tsuna and the others are surprised to see that Chrome has been transferred to Namimori Middle School. She stands at the front of the classroom to introduce herself, but breaks down crying in Kyoko's arms. When discussing this between classes, Ryohei tells Gokudera, Tsuna, and Yamamoto that according to what Kyoko has heard from Chrome, she was kicked out of the Kokuyo Junior High Gang by Mukuro Rokudo, only finding a letter telling her to leave as well as a Namimori High uniform beside it. He also mentions that when she left, Kokuyo Land was abandoned. Gokudera then comments that since Mukuro is free from jail, he doesn't need Chrome anymore. Tsuna seemed to have doubts about the representation of events. Reborn arrives and tells them that he was told by Mukuro to talk about Chrome. He was given her living expenses by Mukuro as well. Since Chrome has already arrived in Namimori, Reborn said that settling her into either Kyoko or Haru's house would be for the best. Reborn then suggests a welcoming party for Chrome at Tsuna's house, with the theme of a mimicry contest. After agreeing to this, they hear the bell for class to resume and return, but Tsuna stays behind and asks Reborn about the Arcobaleno. After dodging the question for a bit, Reborn admits that it's about time for Tsuna to know everything, after Tsuna has proven his growth. Reborn cut off that he will tell him if Tsuna wins the mimicry game at Chrome's welcoming party. At the party, Chrome thanks everyone for throwing it for her with the moral support of Haru and Kyoko. As the party goes on, Tsuna wonders why he was uneasy when Reborn said he would tell him everything. He believes it is because knowing the secret would make his daily normal life change drastically, possibly because of his Vongola Hyper Intuition. He thinks to himself that if that is true, he would be happier in ignorance. When it was Tsuna's turn to mimic someone he choose Leon, and got 0 points from Leon himself, despite Reborn's thoughts.

The Dream[]

During his sleep, Reborn has a dream of the time before he became an Arcobaleno. He is seen in his own room and then points his gun at someone who asks who he is. The mysterious man with an iron hat brings out a clear pacifier and claims that he is gathering the "I Prescelti Sette" (World's Strongest Selected Seven). The dream is cut off when Tsuna awakens him and Reborn immediately points his gun at him, until Tsuna calms him down. Reborn tells him that he was having an unpleasant dream or to be precise, his old memories. Reborn reveals as he goes back to sleep that none of the Arcobaleno wanted to become one, but realizes that Tsuna is already asleep. Reborn decides to sleep again and has a continuation of the dream, where he meets the other remaining Arcobaleno, with the exception of Colonnello, who replaces Lal's position later on. Suddenly, however, Reborn returns to his infant form, followed by the others, except Luce and Lal, who disappeared. They come to the realization that they are having the same dream. During their confusion and surprise, the man with the iron hat appears, causing them to try and attack him, but to no avail, as their movements are stopped and they can't move their bodies. The man explains that the reason for their immobility is that they were inside a dream, thus, they won't be able to use their Arcobaleno power. However, he assures them he didn't come to fight but to ascertain their determination, then make a proposition. The Arcobaleno are suspicious at this, until the man questions if they wish to solve the "Curse of the Rainbow". All the Arcobaleno, sans Reborn, answer in the affirmative. The man with the iron hat then reveals that he intends to decline the Arcobaleno's numbers by one; the strongest Arcobaleno's body will be reverted to its adult form. He further explains that they have to find a representative to fight for them. Reborn, however, says that they can't trust him, the other Arcobaleno agreeing with him. However, the man with the iron hat threatens to disappear and leave them in their infant bodies for the rest of their lives, which persuades all the Arcobaleno to agree. The dream then ends, leaving the Arcobaleno to find their representatives.

Representative Battle of the Rainbow Prelude[]

Reborn awakens from his dream, much to everyone around him's relief Bianchi hugs and asks Reborn if he was all right. Reborn asks if he said anything in his sleep, but Bianchi answers that she didn't hear a thing. As Tsuna is about to go to school, Reborn smiles at him and says that he has a favor to ask of him. This scares Tsuna, as he thought Reborn would ask him to do something painful for him, and he quickly runs off to school, telling Reborn to ask someone else. Once Tsuna runs away, Bianchi wonders who he got his cowardice from. Reborn thinks of Nana and Iemitsu, who never run away from problems, unlike Tsuna, and then recollects that an Arcobaleno would go to the CEDEF headquarters.

At CEDEF headquarters, Iemitsu sneezes due to Reborn talking about him behind his back, but he thinks that it was due to the dozens of assassins wanting to kill him, to which Lal replies that it could soon become his family in Japan and suggestsed for him to go back to Japan some time soon before there's a rift between him and Tsuna, making Iemitsu think of Tsuna and Nana. Suddenly, Basil and Oregano enter the room, informing Iemitsu that there is an Arcobaleno that wants to meet him, revealed to be Colonnello, who has a favor to ask.

At the Varia headquarters, Mammon asks Xanxus for a favor and much to their surprise, Xanxus knew that it was about the Arcobaleno, but states that whether he agrees or not depends on the secret. In Kokuyo Land, Verde asks a favor from Mukuro, to which the latter comments as fun and asks Verde what the favor is. At the riverbank, Enma looks around for the cats that usually wait for him to feed them and then finds them to have already eaten huge amounts of cat food from someone. Skull reveals himself and demands help from the Simon Famiglia in return for feeding the cats. Seeing a Pacifier similar to Reborn's, Enma recognizes him as an Arcobaleno. Fon stands on a lamp post and wonders who he could ask a favor from.

After school, back at Tsuna's house, Tsuna is surprised to find the entire Cavallone Famiglia gathered in front of his house and is approached by Dino and Romario the former being called by Reborn for a favor as well. Reborn finally tells them that the favor he asks them to do is to fight for him. Dino and Tsuna express their surprise, but Reborn explains his dream as well as the curse the Arcobaleno were inflicted with, and that his infant form isn't his real form. He also proudly states that his real self is "super cool".

Later on, Skull arrives at the Simon Famiglia's house along with Enma to request their help, but they misunderstand him as requesting them to take care of him. As such, Adelheid orders Enma to get him ready for dinner at their place and to tuck him into bed wherever his home is.

At the CEDEF headquarters, Lal Mirch and Colonnello tell Iemitsu's subordinates and Iemitsu, respectively, that they want to free the curse from each other. Iemitsu comments that if it was Lal, the CEDEF members would help her whole-heartedly. However, Iemitsu also informs Colonnello that "that man" that has been watching over the Vongola has gone rogue. They both contemplate the possibility of an Arcobaleno recruiting him.

At the Giglio Nero Famiglia's mansion, the present Byakuran and Six Funeral Wreaths await Uni's arrival from the Sky Pacifier. When the Pacifier starts glowing with Sky Flames, the present Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru gape in amazement. Byakuran reveals himself and informs them that the Sky Pacifier has found a new owner. The Pacifier then glows even brighter and flies to the forest, where the Uni from ten years in the future catches it.

Uni and Gamma share a brief emotional reunion until Byakuran interrupts them, stating to Gamma that he would make her cry. Angered, Gamma summons his Box Weapon and is about to attack Byakuran, but Uni stops him, thanking Byakuran for coming for her, much to the surprise of Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru. Byakuran returns the gesture and reveals that Aria has predicted the representative battle to remove the curse of the Arcobaleno, telling them that Aria has retired and gave her position to Uni so Uni could be free from the curse instead of her, the Sky Arcobaleno curse being their short lifespan. This upsets Gamma even though he understands Aria's reason and is soon angry again, questioning why Byakuran and the Six Funeral Wreaths had to be Uni's representatives, to which Byakuran replies that because they were the best partners, continuing to tell them that they need to go to Japan since that was the place where the representative battle will take place.

Back in Japan, Tsuna and Reborn visit Dino at the hotel but then Tsuna is taken away by Belphegor, who brings him to Xanxus. Xanxus states that he would crush him in the representative battle, much to Tsuna's horror and fear that the Varia will also participate in the battle as Mammon's representatives. Xanxus suddenly shoots at the roof of their room, demanding for someone to come out. From the roof, a man with the same hat as the man with the iron hat reveals himself, saying that he forgot the Varia's room number and introduces himself as Wonomichi, the planner of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow and the man with the iron hat's messenger, stating that he has come to explain the rules of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow that will take place in four days, as well as giving them their wristwatches, a crucial component in the battle. After Wonomichi finishes explaining the rules, he explains them to all the other Arcobaleno.

The next day, in Japan, the CEDEF arrive. While Tsuna is exasperated by his father's appearance and delighted by Basil's, Byakuran suddenly arrives and proposes to Tsuna that they form an alliance in the upcoming battle royale of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

Eve of Representative Battle of the Rainbow[]

Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and Dino come over to Tsuna's house to discuss Uni's decision to choose Byakuran as her representative and the alliance that was offered by Byakuran. They all disagree for an alliance since they're still wary of Byakuran, but Reborn agrees to it since Byakuran's power would be useful for their team. When they think about the remaining two representatives needed for their team, Gokudera suggests Hibari, but unfortunately, Hibari had turned down Reborn's invitation to join the team because he's had a 'severe case of hives' ever since the battle with Demon Spade. Dino then suggests Enma since he's strong, though in Reborn's view, Enma doesn't fulfil his high standard. While Dino tries to persuade Hibari to join them, Tsuna and Reborn go to Enma at the riverbank to ask him to join them, only to find him with Skull. Skull reveals that Enma is his representative, much to Tsuna's shock. Enma suggests to form an alliance, which Tsuna agrees to, but both Skull and Reborn are against it, much to Tsuna's dismay. Elsewhere, each team make's their own preparations for the upcoming Representative Battle.

The First Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow[]

Tsuna awakens and hurries to school since he is nervous because it's the first day of The Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Though, once he meets his friends at school and act normally like they usually do, he feels at ease. After school, however, the wristwatches announce the start of the battle. Tsuna quickly goes outside and is surprised by a sudden explosion that turns out to be caused by none other than his father, Iemitsu, who becomes his first opponent.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Iemitsu Sawada[]

  • Winner: Iemitsu.

Reborn and Dino find Tsuna unconscious after being defeated by Iemitsu, and he decides to form an alliance with Colonnello's Team so in return, Tsuna's Boss watch is not destroyed, thus, allowing Tsuna and his team to continue participating in the battle.

Enma Kozato & Skull vs Varia Members[]

In some abandoned buildings during his way back home with Skull, Enma's wrist watch announces the battle to begin and they are ambushed by the Varia members (except Mammon and Xanxus).

  • Result: Draw. Skull saved Enma from the Varia's finishing blow until the battle time was over, leaving none of them as the winner.

Wonomichi reveals that the present that Checker Face had mentioned before is that the Arcobaleno who transformed into babies will be able to change back to their true form and enter the battle for three minutes. After the Varia leaves, Enma tries to convince Adelheid to become Skull's representative along with the other Simon Guardians, to which she agrees since she had witnessed Skull save Enma's life.

The Second Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow[]

Team Reborn & Team Uni vs Team Verde vs Team Colonnello[]

When Tsuna and his team visit Uni to discuss Verde's team, the wrist watches announce the start of the second Representative Battle of the Rainbow, and realize that Mukuro and his team have come.

  • Result: Team Colonnello broke their alliance with Team Reborn after Tsuna refused to leave Team Uni.
  • Team Uni was eliminated after their Boss wrist watch was destroyed by Colonnello's Maximum Rifle when Byakuran protected Tsuna.

Team Fon vs Team Mammon[]

Hibari and Fon go to the hotel where Dino and the Varia are staying upon Hibari's insistence to fight Dino. When they arrive, they encounter the Varia shortly after the wrist watches announce the start of the second Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

  • Result: Hibari destroyed his own Boss wrist watch because the battle time finished before he could defeat Xanxus, eliminating Team Fon from the Representative Battle.

The Arrival of the Eighth Team[]

Two minutes ago before the battle finished; Basil is observing Team Skull who was not challenged by any team. Suddenly, however, he senses Flames from the house and when he checks what happened, he witnesses all members of Team Skull easily defeated by the Vindice led by the Arcobaleno with the clear pacifier, Bermuda von Veckenschtein.

  • Result: Bermuda and his team stole Team Skull's wrist watches and announced they will participate in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow as the eighth team.

Shortly after the announcement of the result of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, each remaining team was ambushed by the Vindice who didn't wear any wrist watch while the Arcobaleno were having a meeting regarding Bermuda, making the previous rule of the Representative Battle invalid.

  • Result: Team Colonnello was eliminated from the battle after their Boss wrist watch was destroyed when Iemitsu protected Nana from the Vindice's attack.

The Third Day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow[]

Not long after the Vindice's sudden assaults, right at 00.00 a.m, the wrist watches announce the start of the third Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Reborn immediately go to the playground to avoid the neighbors becoming involved with the battle. There, they encounter Mukuro who is then followed by his team with Ken and Chikusa participating in the battle again by using the remaining spare watches. Before they can start, however, three Vindice appear, leaving both teams no choice but to form a truce and temporarily fight together to beat the Vindice.

  • Winner: Team Reborn & Team Verde

Bermuda and Jaeger appear shortly after Tsuna defeats the last Vindice, Jack. Bermuda immediately gives Reborn his invitation to join his team. When Reborn refuses the offer, Bermuda forcefully sucks him into his warp hole and sends him to the Vindice Prison, saying that he won't be able to refuse once he knows the truth. However, Tsuna, who was trying to prevent Reborn being transported, also ended up being sucked into the warp hole, ending up in the Vindice Prison along with Reborn and discovering the mystery behind the Arcobaleno.

The Secret of the Arcobaleno[]

Bermuda and Jaeger confront Tsuna and Reborn and tell them to let go of their wrist watches and take them to a special room that will prevent anyone from hearing their conversation, making Reborn confirm that Bermuda is not allied with Checker Face.

Bermuda explains that the Arcobaleno are human sacrifices that Checker Face prepared to protect the Arcobaleno pacifiers. The pacifiers are cursed treasures that must never be destroyed and he selected the seven most powerful people of the generation and made them Arcobaleno to protect it since no normal human being is able to protect the pacifiers. However, the curse that was inflicted on the Arcobaleno resulted in a side effect for the Arcobaleno that would endanger the pacifiers. To prevent this, there's a pass-on pacifiers through generation to generation, either through contracting job or Representative Battle. Bermuda reveals that the Representative of the Rainbow is a trap that Checker Face set up to choose the next strongest seven and make them the next generation Arcobaleno and he had no intention to free the current Arcobaleno from their curse. Reborn questions what will happen to the previous Arcobaleno, to which Bermuda answers that they will be dismissed, but most of the Arcobaleno who had their pacifiers removed ended up dead or even if one does manage to survive they only have a cursed life, becoming a Vindice that desires nothing but revenge.

Bermuda expresses his desire to kill Checker Face by winning the Representative Battle of the Rainbow since the sole moment where Checker Face can be killed is the moment when he summons the winning team to his side, but to do that, he needs Reborn's help. Reborn asks why out of all the Arcobaleno he chose him. Bermuda answers that Tsuna's miraculous growth through Reborn's guidance is what made him realize that he is different from the other Arcobaleno. He reveals further that he used to be an Arcobaleno that was deceived by Checker Face, but was able to resist when his flame was being taken by him and refilled the empty pacifier with a new flame, Flame of Night, and taught other former Arcobaleno with the same desire for revenge how to use the flame, creating the organization that guard the mafia law, the Vindice. Reborn asks why guardians of the mafia, and Bermuda explains that Checker Face is the one who administrates the Tri-ni-sette and through the predictions of a certain shaman, he was able to know that the ones who would receive the Vongola Rings and Mare Rings would be Giotto and Uni's ancestor, Sepira, the mafia bosses who founded the Vongola and Giglio Nero. He thought that if they watched over the Tri-ni-sette, they would be able to reach Checker Face. Reborn then asks what will happen to the current Arcobaleno if Checker Face is killed. Bermuda reveals that they will die along with everyone that is involved with the Arcobaleno including Uni, Lal, and the Vindice since killing Checker Face means destroying the Arcobaleno system itself. Hearing this, Tsuna declares that they are wrong and he won't let them win the Representative Battle. Reborn decides to follow Tsuna's will, rejecting Bermuda's offer to join him.

With the invitation rejected, Jaeger states that he won't let them leave. Tsuna goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode and fights Jaeger. However, Jaeger easily overpowers Tsuna within a matter of seconds. Before he can deliver another blow, Bermuda orders him to stop, telling him that now Reborn will realize that Tsuna won't stand a chance against him and won't do something stupid such as following Tsuna's will again. Bermuda tells him to reconsider his offer and he will wait for his answer until the fourth day battle. Before they leave, Bermuda warns him that whether he rejects or accepts his invitation, he will go to hell either way. Not seeing any possibility that Tsuna will win against Jaeger, Reborn tells Tsuna that there's no need for him to die for the sake of the Arcobaleno. This frustrates Tsuna since usually he would punch him if he thought something as cowardly as that.

Both of them end up at the playground with Uni, Verde, Fon, Reborn, M.M and Fran waiting for them. They find out that the injured Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ken, and Chikusa were taken to either hospital or Kokuyo Land. They are then shown the result of the third day battle and find that Mammon used their remaining present time to escape the Vindice with illusions. Reborn tells them to call Mammon since he wants to discuss what Bermuda had told him. M.M demands for Tsuna to explain what Bermuda said to him, but Tsuna ignores her and runs off, wondering what he should do to help Reborn.

Tsuna's Plan[]

Tsuna goes home and finds that his dad, Iemitsu, is injured. After Tsuna expresses concern about his father's wounds, Iemitsu tells him to do his best for the Representative Battle and rest well until the next one begins. Tsuna gets ready for bed, troubled by the day's events.

Meanwhile, Reborn tells the other Arcobaleno what Bermuda told him, shocking them all. Colonnello comments that he has been feeling worse than usual recently and Reborn says the same. Reborn reveals that Bermuda wanted him as an ally and that he thinks that they should get rid of Checker Face and the Arcobaleno system. However, Mammon protests violently, saying that they want to live longer. Verde agrees and states that he doesn't want to die as a consequence of someone else's project. When Colonnello discovers Lal Mirch could die as well, he goes against the idea. Agitatedly, Mammon orders Reborn to think of other ways of survival, but Reborn replies that there are no other ways.

At the Sawada residence, Tsuna reflects on how Reborn was always there whenever he was in a pinch and needed advice. Tsuna goes downstairs to get a glass of water. When he reaches the kitchen, he finds Lambo drinking Basil's strawberry juice. When Tsuna asks him why, Lambo says that his juice was grape flavored and he wondered what Basil's strawberry juice would taste like. Tsuna protests, but Lambo ignores him and drinks anyways. Afterwards, Lambo fills up Basil's juice bottle with his own juice to make up for the difference. Tsuna objects, saying that the taste would be different. Lambo drinks from Basil's bottle to test it out and exclaims that it is good. After putting the bottle back in the fridge, Lambo hurriedly sneaks back up to his room. Tsuna wishes that his own problem go away if he filled up the missing juice. When he thinks about his words, Tsuna realizes he has to fill up the missing part.

Tsuna makes a call to Vongola Ninth and asks for his help in contacting a person. After obtaining the necessary information, Tsuna flies to a house in a forest and enters, saying that it has been a long time. Later, Tsuna expresses his thanks, informs the person that he will focus on the Representative War, and leaves. In Kokuyo Land, Mukuro notices Tsuna, who wants to talk to him. At Namimori Hospital, Tsuna approaches Byakuran and Enma and talks to both of them. After doing so, Tsuna flies to the Varia's hotel and asks Xanxus to lend him a hand. Xanxus stares at him and Tsuna looks back at him with resolution.

After making the phone call to Vongola Ninth, Tsuna visited Talbot. Talbot told Tsuna that he came to Japan because he had a bad feeling about the Representative Battle. As Tsuna repeated the words of Bermuda to Talbot, Talbot commented that Bermuda is a tough guy. Tsuna told Talbot his idea to replace an Arcobaleno's removed Flame. Tsuna further elaborated by saying that Checker Face removes the Flames of the current Arcobaleno to create the new generation and that Bermuda had survived as a Vindice by forcing the Flame of Night, a Flame made of hatred and vindictiveness, into his empty Pacifier. Tsuna suggested that if the correct type of Flame is injected into the empty Pacifiers based on their owners, there might be a chance of the Arcobaleno surviving. Talbot compared Tsuna's idea to using blood as a transfusion for anaemic people. Tsuna questioned his idea's probability and after much contemplating, Talbot replied that it might be possible and disclosed that he had been doing research on the Pacifiers, finding them to be similar to both the Vongola Rings and Mare Rings. Talbot explained further, saying that what is transferred between Arcobaleno generations is not the Pacifier's soul but rather, the energy that is contained. Thus, even after the Flame is removed, if the right type of Flame is injected before the soul dies completely, the Arcobaleno's life could be prolonged. Tsuna interrupted excitedly but Talbot continued on and remarked that the process would not be so simple because the changing of the generations is also linked to the pacifier's lifespan. Talbot said that it is still worth a try because nothing is known yet and informed Tsuna clearly that if Bermuda were to win the Representative Battle, then all would be lost. Talbot told Tsuna to defeat Bermuda and stated that Tsuna is the only one who can accomplish this. Tsuna responded with a resounding yes.

Tsuna's flashback ends when Reborn appears and notifies Tsuna about the outcome of the Arcobaleno meeting, saying that they had a big fight due to their differences and a conclusion was not reached. Tsuna asks if Reborn is seriously thinking of becoming Bermuda's ally and Reborn replies that if he has to die, he might as well destroy the Arcobaleno system in the process. Tsuna requests that Reborn gets on his shoulder, as he has something to tell the latter. Tsuna flies to Namimori Shrine. When they reach the shrine, Reborn asks why they went all the way there. Tsuna replies that he does not want to be discovered by other students and states that he is skipping school. Reborn comments that it has been a long time since that happened and asks Tsuna if he thinks that Reborn, as his home tutor, will allow his skipping of school. Hearing this, Tsuna shouts at Reborn agitatedly, wondering how Reborn could say that. Tsuna recalls the day when he first met Reborn and how Reborn showed up out of nowhere, claiming to be a tutor for training Tsuna to be a Mafia boss. Tsuna says that he felt like the days after had been a mess and rattles off things that Reborn had forced him to do that turned his school life into a disaster in the process. However, even after going through all of that, Tsuna says that in the end, he had fun and that he even felt happy to have Reborn as a tutor. Tsuna says that he was outraged when Reborn said that he never expected to die a decent death and angrily questions if Reborn is always thinking sad thoughts whenever he is by the former's side, even when he was having fun. Tsuna exclaims that Reborn is a failure as a home tutor if he has been behaving this way the whole time. Tsuna informs Reborn that this time, it is his turn to teach Reborn. Getting emotional, Tsuna is unable to complete his sentence and slumps onto the ground. After a few moments, Tsuna tells Reborn with conviction that he is not going to let Reborn die.

Tsuna finally gets his feelings off his chest, only to find out that Reborn is sleeping beside him. Tsuna feels incredulous that Reborn fell asleep while he was addressing such important concerns. Tsuna tries to rouse Reborn but stops himself in time after he thinks of the consequences. Tsuna wonders how much had Reborn heard before he slept. As Tsuna heads home, it is revealed that Reborn is actually pretending to be asleep. Reborn, with a satisfied grin on his face, saying that Tsuna does as he pleases, but then said that impossible things is still impossible.

Tsuna visits Yamamoto and Gokudera at the hospital and notifies them of the same matter that he had already told Mukuro, Byakuran, Enma and Xanxus. Gokudera is upset that he did not get to know first and Tsuna explains that it is because Tsuna is so dependent on his guardian and sees them as his family that he just naturally assumes that they will help him out. Tsuna apologies but Gokudera brushes it off, exclaiming proudly that they are a family. After hearing Tsuna out, Yamamoto and Gokudera tells him that they will support him and to leave the matter to them. As Tsuna goes off to inform Dino, Yamamoto comments that it is the first time he has seen Tsuna being calm although he is about to be facing a decisive battle and somehow, that calmness is infectious.

Tsuna finds Dino and Hibari in a forest and is shocked to find that they have been battling since the battle against Team Mammon. Dino reassures Tsuna that he will be taking part in tomorrow's Representative Battle but is refuted by Hibari, who says harshly that it is impossible as Dino is going to be bitten to death by him. Tsuna says he has something important to tell them and his serious demeanor made them listen. Dino is shocked at the power of Team Bermuda after hearing the events that happened to Reborn.

Kyoko, Haru, Chrome and I-Pin have finished making the good luck charms and are on their way to Tsuna's house. Bianchi is waiting for them outside and brings them in. There is a huge crowd and Haru identifies some of the men as Dino's subordinates. Bianchi explains that there are many others and that they were all summoned here. Haru questions the motive for gathering them and Bianchi comments that these are pretty scary people and summoning them is not a feat that just anyone could manage. This made them wondering who was the one who summoned them.

Inside the house, Tsuna is speaking with the fighting forces that he approached, pleading for them to fight together. He explains everything that Talbot had told him and his experience from his previous fight with Jaeger and the necessity for them to work together to defeat the Vindice, declaring that this time they should be the ones to make the first move.

In the afternoon, Reborn approaches Tsuna, telling him to return the Boss watch since he decided to pull out from the battle and said it's impossible for Tsuna to defeat the Vindice even if all the teams join forces together. This enrages Tsuna and he challenges Reborn to take the Boss watch by force if he wants to, entering Hyper Dying Will Mode and unleashing great amounts of his flames, which impresses Reborn but says that it's still not enough to defeat Bermuda or Jaeger. Reborn continues to say that his mission is to make him a splendid Tenth Vongola Boss and it would be pointless if he dies. However, Tsuna corrects him that Vongola Primo would surely say that someone that abandoned their friends cannot be entrusted with the fate of the Vongola, telling him that someone unwilling to risk death for the sake of their friends is not qualified to become Vongola Decimo, surprising Reborn. Seeing Tsuna's determination, Reborn admits that he wants to live longer and wants to die without any regret as he has gained the desire to see Tsuna grow more, requesting him to keep him alive, finally agreeing with Tsuna's plan, much to the latter's relief. The other Arcobaleno reveal themselves, also agreeing with Tsuna's plan to defeat Bermuda and his team.

4th Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow[]

The watch announces that the battle will be held with a 90 minute time limit. Bermuda senses that the three teams each are in separate locations, so he orders them to split into three groups. He and Jaeger appear in front of Reborn's team, asking for Reborn's answer to his invitation. Reborn refuses once again, saying that he cannot accept Bermuda's way. With his invitation rejected, Bermuda orders Jaeger to finish them off, bidding them good bye. However, it turns out that the team members are only Decoy Puppet's. Reborn explains that they had predicted Bermuda was able to sense their flames and presence, so they have Irie, Spanner, and Verde to create decoy puppets that are able to emit flames and a heartbeat to fool them. Elsewhere, Alejandro destroys Team Mammon's puppets and is cornered by Tsuna, Enma, and Basil who ambush him.

Tsuna, Enma, & Basil vs. Alejandro[]

  • Winner: Tsuna, Enma, & Basil

After defeating Alejandro, the three move to their next targets. Receiving report that Alejandro was defeated and unable to sense their flames afterwards, Bermuda guesses that they're using some sort of barrier cover that protects their flames from being detected by him. Also, the members of Team Verde that were defeated by Big Pino and Small Gia were also puppets but then someone's illusions appears to fight them, realizing that it is meant to hold them until Tsuna, Enma, and Basil arrive to defeat them. Knowing this, Jaeger suggests that they should go help Big Pino and Small Gia, but before they can do so, Dino, Mukuro, Squalo, Xanxus, and Byakuran reveal themselves, preparing to fight them. Meanwhile, at the parking lot, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Chrome, and Fran are struggling against Big Pino and Small Gia until Tsuna, Enma, and Basil arrive to help them.

Versus Big Pino & Small Gia[]

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  • Winner: Alliance Team
  • Basil's, Gokudera's, and Yamamoto's battler watches were destroyed.

After defeating Big Pino and Small Gia, Tsuna and his team decide to take a rest for a bit. Back at the park, Jaeger immediately defeats the majority of the elite team until Mukuro and Hibari are the only ones who are still standing and work together. Tsuna, and the rest of the team members arrive just in time to assist both of them.

Versus Jaeger[]

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  • Winner: Alliance Team

With the team's teamwork, they are able to heavily injure Jaeger, leaving him unable to fight. However, before Tsuna could destroy his boss watch, Bermuda finally interferes and releases his curse, officially entering the battle.

Tsuna & Reborn vs. Bermuda von Veckenschtein[]

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  • Winner: Tsuna & Reborn
  • Team Reborn officially declared as the winner of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

The Truth of the Tri-ni-sette[]

Checker Face reveals himself directly, much to the shock of everybody present. Realizing that they have known the truth behind the Representative battle of the Rainbow as well as the secret behind Arcobaleno Pacifiers, Checker Face confirms that it was true. When they question his presence, Checker Face reveals that he was merely hiding his presence with the Segno Ring as he opens his mask, revealing himself as Kawahira, surprising them. Kawahira then unleashes his flames, showing that they are on an entirely different level to defeat him as they are just normal humans. He reveals that he belongs to a special species who had lived on Earth before humans were ever born whose duty is to protect the planet Earth. However, the only ones of these species who are still alive in the present day are him and Uni.

He explains that the Tri-ni-sette originally were not the set of 21 rings they all know but seven stones. When his species still had about ten people alive, they gave their flames to the seven stones. However, as their members died one by one until only five of them remained, they decided to borrow the humans' powers and thus, splitting the stones into Arcobaleno Pacifiers. When there was only him and Uni's ancestor, Sepira, as the only ones who were alive, they were unable to provide the stones with their own powers and thus, further split up the stones into the set of Vongola Rings and set of Mare Rings. Sepira gave the Vongola Rings to Giotto, while she kept the Mare Rings to be passed down within her Famiglia. Hearing this, Uni says that she never heard the story from her ancestor and Kawahira reveals that he and Sepira parted ways after their opinions differed with each other; while Sepira wanted to coexist with humans, he didn't.

Ending the talk, Kawahira demands for them to return the Pacifiers. Tsuna shouts that there must be another way to maintain the Tri-ni-sette without sacrificing the Arcobaleno's lives. Kawahira, however, replies that there's no other option left and warns Tsuna that he is the first one on the list to become the next Arcobaleno, something that Tsuna already prepared for. At this time, Talbot arrives, carrying seven jars and tells Kawahira that by using the jars, Arcobaleno Pacifiers are no longer needed. By using the Flame of Night within the jars, the flame is configured in a loop and by repeatedly passing through the warp holes, the seven flames of the sky would continuously accelerate, which replenishes their flames for basically half of an eternity. This method, however, requires Bermuda to keep continuously using his Flames. Everybody becomes skeptical as Bermuda only lives to get his revenge on Kawahira and they doubt he would accept the role to protect the Tri-ni-sette that Kawahira cares for so much. Surprisingly, however, Bermuda accepts the role as he thinks that they would have control over the Tri-ni-sette away from Kawahira. Hearing this, Kawahira is about to refuse, but Uni convinces him to accept as he won't live forever. Convinced that Uni has seen the peaceful existence of the Tri-ni-sette, Kawahira agrees to the term as he actually believes that if there's another method without sacrificing anyone, he would entrust the Tri-ni-sette to the future generations. They all gather around the jars and fill the jars with their flames at the fullest as Kawahira promises he will remove the curse.


The Arcobaleno were all imagining themselves return to their real form, only to find Lal is the only one who returned. Verde concludes that the only part of their curse that has been removed is the part where they will stay as an infant and will never grow, which means it will take a long time for them until they return to their original form as they'll grow like normal humans do. They then go to the hospital to visit Dino and Basil. To avoid a ruckus, Tsuna and Reborn go to their rooms first. However, much to their surprise, Levi A Than comes out from the room with syringes all over his face, which he explains that Xanxus ordered him to take them all in his place. Squalo then approaches them with the rest of the Varia, reminding them that he also survived thanks to Mammon's immediate action to make an illusionary heart during the battle with Jaeger and would stay that way until they find a suitable heart transplant. Byakuran, along with Bluebell destroy the wall of the room, greeting Tsuna. He explains that he also admitted into the hospital because Mammon created his illusionary organs for 10.000.000 yen per hour. This angers Squalo and Xanxus who are annoyed by the interruption, making Xanxus blast his gun, which they easily dodge, destroying the walls to the next rooms. From the destroyed wall, Hibari attacks and destroys the wall across, stating that he will bite them to death for disturbing his sleep with Hibirds all over him. From across the wall that Hibari destroyed, Mukuro and his gang emerge, startled by the sudden attack that made them accidentally foil their snacks. Since all of their rooms are all connected, Reborn suggests for them to start having a pillow fight, to which they respond variously that a fight would injure them more, causing some parts of the hospital to be destroyed. At the rooftop, Reborn thanks Tsuna for giving him another chance to live, which Tsuna answers that he won't be able to do it alone without his friends. Recalling Bermuda's decision to watch over the Tri-ni-sette to ensure that Arcobaleno won't be needed again, Tsuna begins to doubt his intuition as he first thought they were bad guys, but Reborn assures that he was right about the being bad guys before and his intuition is one of his merits that he should be proud of. Tsuna then remembers the man in suit who had helped him before in the battle against Bermuda and asks Reborn who he actually is. Reborn asks if he really hasn't realize yet, to which Tsuna replies yes though he is able to win thanks to him, as they continue to talk, ending the Curse of the Rainbow Arc.

Characters Introduced[]