The Culprit is the 296th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As the Ninth begins to pass the Sin to Tsuna, someone emits a loud screech which causes explosions. The Ninth Guardians form a circle around the Ninth in order to protect him and the Vongola Sin while the Varia and the Cavallone Famiglia goes to protect the guests. As the smoke clears, everyone sees the Ninth wounded and the bottle of the Sin destroyed. The Ninth's guardians seal the exits and review the camera footage while the Ninth and Reborn reveal to Tsuna that the culprits' goal is to destroy the Sin and that the real Sin is safe within a vault.

However, one of the guardians, Ganauche III, informs them that the vault has been destroyed. Just then, the group is attacked by the culprits who are revealed to be the Simon Famiglia. Enma holds the Sin, saying that it belongs to the Simon Famiglia and also reveals that they were the ones who attacked Yamamoto. Enma then goes to Hyper Dying Will Mode and a furious Tsuna mimics him...

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