The Course of the Curse is the 406th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The Arcobaleno begin imagining themselves back in their real forms, but then they find that only Lal Mirch has returned to normal, despite Kawahira promising he would remove the curse, confusing everybody. Verde reaches the conclusion that the only part of their curse that was removed was the part that stopped them from aging, which means it would take some time for them to grow back to normal again. Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin all arrive, bringing gifts for Dino and Basil, who are hospitalized. They then go to the hospital together, but decide that Tsuna and Reborn should be the ones to go first to avoid annoying other patients. When Tsuna and Reborn arrive, however, they are shocked to find that the Varia are still in Japan and hospitalized in the same hospital. Byakuran then appears with Bluebell, destroying the wall that connects his room with Varia's to greet Tsuna.

This angers Xanxus, who fires his gun, destroying the wall to the next room. Much to Tsuna's shock, Hibari and the Kokuyo Junior High Gang are also in the hospital and both are annoyed by the interruption, leading them to fight and destroy even more parts of the hospital.

Later, Tsuna and Reborn talk on the rooftop. Reborn thanks Tsuna for his efforts that gave him another chance to live, much to Tsuna's embarrassment, who replies that it was also thanks to his friends that they were able to succeed. They recall Bermuda and the Vindice, who decided to protect the Pacifier Jar for eternity with their Flame of Night to prevent another group of people from suffering like they did. This makes Tsuna start to lose confidence in his own intuition, since he believed that the Vindice were bad people, but Reborn assures him that his intuition was right, and he should be confident about it.

Remembering the last battle, Tsuna asks Reborn who the man in suit was. Reborn eludes the question, much to Tsuna's confusion.

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