The Case of Lambo's Disappearance is the 56th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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As Tsuna is walking home, he sees Lambo who informs him that one of his and Tsuna's friends invited him to come to their house for candy, but Lambo refuses to tell who and never returns.

The next morning, Nana Sawada is worried about Lambo and is even more worried when Reborn tells everyone that he was probably abducted and murdered for being too annoying. With Nana and Reborn's encouragement, Tsuna agrees to go look for him and together with Reborn, goes to his room to write down what they know. Reborn then reveals that all Tsuna and Lambo mutual friends will be off the suspect list if they have an alibi. Tsuna decides to question I-Pin first and she reveals that she was with Haru, Nana and Bianchi yesterday where they saw Gokudera and Yamamoto as they eat some cake. Tsuna then remembers that I-Pin is unable to write in Japanese so she couldn't have written the note causing Reborn to attack him for withholding evidence. The two examines the note and sees that it is a stationary of the second year students in Namimori which narrows down the list of suspects. Tsuna questions Longchamp and discovers that Longchamp went bowling again. Kyoko then reveals to Tsuna that she was with Hana since four o'clock at her house and gets worried when she hears that Lambo is missing.

Tsuna is upset for suspecting Kyoko but Reborn tells him that they only have two suspects left, Yamamoto and Gokudera. Gokudera then arrives and Tsuna questions him. Gokudera reveals that he met Yamamoto at around four and goes with him to eat sushi and watch baseball until seven. He also noted that he met Nana and the others eating some cake. With only Yamamoto left, Tsuna and Reborn goes to him and learns that his story corresponds with the rest. Tsuna is satisfied by this but Reborn reveals that someone is lying since whenever Gokudera sees Bianchi, he gets sick. Hearing this, Yamamoto reveals what really happened: As he and Gokudera walks home, they met with Lambo who immediately gets into an argument with Gokudera about something trivial. Haru and I-Pin then arrives and Haru begins to argue with Gokudera too for picking on Lambo. Nana and Bianchi then shows up causing Gokudera to collapse on Haru which causes their things to drop on the floor. Yamamoto brought Gokudera home where he took care of him until he woke up at around seven.

Gokudera then arrives and apologizes for lying and reveals that he told everyone to lie too. The two is surprised to hear from Tsuna that Lambo is missing. However, Yamamoto reveals that he saw Lambo with a girl the night before which causes Tsuna to suspect Hana as he sees her bring so much candy. He then hears that Hana was late at arriving at Kyoko's house. Tsuna begins to question her but she runs off with Tsuna following. Hana then reveals that she is running from Tsuna since he is wearing a chain of Reborn dolls behind him. Tsuna then trips over something and is surprised to see that that something is Lambo. Lambo is with Haru and Haru reveals that Lambo slept over her house last night since her father really liked him. She also reveals that she got the stationary from Gokudera since their stuff got mixed up. Haru then reveals that she told Reborn to tell him yesterday, much to Tsuna's surprise. However, Reborn reveals to Tsuna that it is part of his training. Just then, Gokudera and Hana arrives and begins to argue with Haru and Tsuna and everyone forgot about Lambo...

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