The Battle Begins is the 303rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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After stating their intentions, the Vindice begin to disappear, saying that they would reappear when the loser of the battles appears. Before they disappear completely, Adelheid Suzuki asks them what would decide the loser. The Vindice replies that their pride is at stake in battle and that the loser would be the one whose pride is broken. The Vindice then disappear completely. Reborn explains that it's only natural to have pride within Mafia battles. Tsuna, looking a bit anxious, explains that he never had any Mafia pride but Adelheid explains that for each person, the pride at stake is different. Enma tells the Vongola Famiglia that the history of the Simon Famiglia is engraved within the island and tells them that there is just one road ahead, which the Vongola will have to follow, and that it leads to the place where they will wait.

Tsuna's new power

As Enma and his family prepare to leave, Tsuna goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode, revealing his new gloves and flames, much to the surprise of the watching Simon. Tsuna then asks Enma to fight him, then and there. Enma smiles and states that Tsuna might have become a bit more capable but leaves with the rest of his family. Tsuna attempts to look for them from the sky, but soon realizes that it was pointless. The group soon realize that their only option is to go along the road mentioned by the Simon. Before they move, Gokudera compliments Tsuna's new weapon. However, they realize that Lambo haven't been able to upgrade his ring yet but thinks to make him do it later because of his current spirit.

After five hours of walking down the road, the group starts to wonder if the Simon Family wanted to make them walk for six days, so that their power will be at its maximum when they come across a clearing, and are immediately attacked by the leaves on the ground which feels like knives. Suddenly, a voice starts to explain that the vegetation in the island, were regrown after absorbing the blood of the now deceased First Simon Boss. A figure starts to emerge from the leaves, and announces that the Vegetation will, this time, drink the blood of the Vongola. The group's first obstacle was Ryohei's former boxing pal, Kouyou Aoba.

Ryohei asks for an explanation from Kouyou, wanting to know why a fellow sportsman would do such a thing. Kouyou replies that his hate for the Vongola is much greater than his sportsmanship and that boxing is just his means live and also his lethal weapon which he would use to take revenge on the Vongola. Kouyou then challenges the entire group, stating that he alone would be enough to take them on. Ryohei, however, refuses this proposition and requests for a one-on-one fight, stating that he will put his pride as a boxer on the line. Kouyou accepts this, and says that he too, will place his pride on his fists. The two opponents decide have a boxing match with the one-fall ruling. Kouyou then creates a ring using barbed vines. Now, with the stage set for the battle, Kouyou unleashes a deadly flame, that even Reborn acknowledged as dangerous. Ryohei, now set for battle, calls out the newly improved Garyu...

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