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{{Infobox chapter
{{Chapter Infobox
| jump = 26, 2004
|Chapter Title = The Guy From Italy
| release date = June 7, 2004
|Image = Chapter 1 Cover.png
| anime = [[Episode 1]]
|Story Kanji Title = イタリアからやってきたアイツ
| title = That Guy From Italy
|Story Romaji Title = Itaria Kara Yattekita Aitsu
| image = 001 cover.jpg
|Arc = [[Daily Life Arc]]
| kanji = イタリアからやってきたアイツ
|Chapter = 1
| romaji = Itaria Kara Yattekita Aitsu
|Volume = [[Here Comes Reborn!]]
| arc = [[Daily Life Arc]]
|Previous Chapter = None
| chapter = 1
|Next Chapter = [[Dying Will Bullet Unusable]]
| volume = [[Here Comes Reborn!]] (#1)
| previous = N/A
| next = [[Dying Will Bullet Unusable]]}}'''That Guy From Italy''' is the 1st chapter of [[Akira Amano|Akira Amano's]] [[Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]].
== Synopsis ==
[[File:001 color page 1.png|thumb|left|Accompanying color page in ''[[Weekly Shōnen Jump|Jump]]''.]]
[[File:001 color page 2.png|thumb|left|Second color page in ''[[Weekly Shōnen Jump|Jump]]''.]]
In Italy, [[Reborn]] is seen walking into a pub. When asked where he would be going next, he responds that his next trip would be to Japan and that it would take a while to complete.
At a different place, [[Tsunayoshi Sawada]] is seen getting hit in the face with a basketball. As he made his team lose, he is forced to do the cleaning for that day; while he cleans, he can hear people calling him "no-good Tsuna." He thinks about [[Kyoko Sasagawa]], his crush and the only reason he goes to school; however, [[Kensuke Mochida]], the kendo club's captain, shows up and Tsuna decides to leave school early.
At home, Tsuna's mother, [[Nana Sawada]], worries about him, saying that he should stay in school more. She announces that he will be getting a home tutor, showing him the flyer that had been put into their mailbox. Reborn walks in and introduces himself as the tutor. While Tsuna laughs, Reborn expertly beats him up, leaving him dazed. Reborn announces that his real reason for being there was to make Tsuna into a good Mafia Boss. He states that he will stay with Tsuna until he deems Tsuna worthy.
The next day, Tsuna and Reborn bump into Kyoko on the way to school. Reborn is able to sense Tsuna's crush and promptly shoots him with the [[Dying Will Bullet]]. As Tsuna falls, he regrets never having told Kyoko how he felt, and reawakens in [[Dying Will Mode]]. On his way to see Kyoko, Tsuna is hit by a bicycle, but keeps going. He arrives, knocking Mochida away in the process. He tries confessing his feelings, but because he is only wearing underwear, Kyoko runs away screaming.
Reborn explains that the effect of the Dying Will Bullet lasts five minutes and can only be used if the target has regrets; otherwise, they die. Tsuna feels pain from the effect of the bike hitting him that morning, and Reborn tells him that he can only not feel pain if in Dying Will Mode. He then tells Tsuna about the Vongola Famiglia, and that Tsuna was the only eligible candidate since the three other possible candidates, Enrico, Federico, and Massimo, had all died under mysterious circumstances.
At school the next day, Tsuna is mocked even more than usual because of his demonstration the day before. The other people in his class announce that Mochida was waiting for him in the gym for a kendo match. [[Hana Kurokawa]] drags Kyoko there to watch the match.
In the gym, Mochida announces the rules: if Tsuna could get even one point off him, he would win. However, the game is rigged; Tsuna's equipment is incredibly heavy, and the judge is extremely biased toward Mochida. Tsuna is shown running away from the match and Reborn stops him. Tsuna is shot once again with the Dying Will Bullet and runs in to fight Mochida. Even after ripping the hair out of Mochida's head, the judge does not score in Tsuna's favor. He then makes Mochida completely bald and is determined the winner. Everyone congratulates Tsuna, even Kyoko, and he thinks that maybe Reborn isn't so bad after all, until he accidentally steps on one of Reborn's grenades at home.
== Characters ==
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|content=<small>*Note: '''Bold''' + ''Italicized'' = '''''First Appearance'''''</small>
*'''''[[Tsunayoshi Sawada]]'''''
*'''''[[Kyoko Sasagawa]]'''''
*'''''[[Hana Kurokawa]]'''''
*'''''[[Kensuke Mochida]]'''''
*'''''[[Nana Sawada]]'''''
[[Reborn]] goes to Japan to begin tutoring [[Tsunayoshi Sawada|Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada]], a no-good loser, who has a crush on [[Kyoko Sasagawa]]. When Reborn arrives, he tells Tsuna that he is going to train him to be a Mafia boss, under commend of the Ninth Vongola Guardian. The next day, Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet, and causes Tsuna to embarrassingly confess his love for Kyoko, however gets rejected. The next day, Mochida of the Kendo club challenges Tsuna with the winner having Kyoko. Under the Dying Will Mode, Tsuna wins and becomes popular.
== Navigation ==
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''In order of appearances, doesn't contained unnamed minor characters.''
*[[Tsunayoshi Sawada]]
*[[Kyoko Sasagawa]]
*[[Hana Kurokawa]]
*[[Nana Sawada]]
*[[Timoteo|Ninth Vongola Boss]] (mentioned)
*[[Enrico]] (flashback)
*[[Massimo]] (flashback)
*[[Federico]] (flashback)
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