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Ten Years Later Arrives! is the sixteenth volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

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Lancia, the man who was used by Mukuro Rokudo to hide his identity, defeats the remaining Varia members. Meanwhile, Tsuna is declared the winner of the Sky Match, earning the right to become the Tenth Vongola Boss. One day, Reborn is accidentally shot by Lambo's Ten-Year Bazooka and does not reappear. Tsuna uses it and is transported nearly ten years into the future, where he finds an adult Gokudera who is subsequently replaced with the younger Gokudera. After encountering a woman named Lal Mirch and an adult Yamamoto, Tsuna and Gokudera enter the Vongola Base where they meet the missing Reborn. Yamamoto tells them that the Millefiore Famiglia is annihilating every member of the Vongola. When Yamamoto goes to train Tsuna and Gokudera, the base is attacked by Millefiore soldiers. They find the older I-Pin, Lambo, Haru and Kyoko, who, along with Yamamoto, are then replaced with their younger selves.

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