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The Ten Year Bazooka is a special bazooka developed by the Bovino Famiglia. It is used by Lambo when he is sad, angry, scared, or frustrated. When shot by the Ten Year Bazooka, the target will switch places with their ten years later form. This effect only lasts for 5 minutes before the current and future self switch back.

No one really knows what Lambo does when he is stuck in the future for 5 minutes, as they have never asked and he has never mentioned it. Later, in the Varia Arc while battling Levi A Than, it is revealed that Lambo can use the 10 Year Bazooka multiple times, shown when he used it twice during the battle. Originally he summoned himself at age 15, but when 15-year-old Lambo was scared away by Levi A Than, he used the Bazooka again, thus summoning Lambo at age 25.

The Bazooka has been known to malfunction, and can also cause undesired effects when it does; these include the target merely being shortened to the size of themselves ten years prior and still retaining their current mindset, or the target's growth to the size of themselves ten years later, though their personality remains unchanged.


  • Lambo once hit the Bazooka against the wall in Tsuna's room; this damaged it enough to cause it to merely change the size of its targets. When it was used, Lambo became the size of his adult self with his 5-year old personality, and when the effects of the Bazooka wore off, 15 year-old Lambo was reduced to the size of his child self. The effect wore off over the course of a week.

Gokudera in Child Form

  • At one point, Giannini attempted to upgrade the Bazooka, but this once again resulted in its malfunction, and the Bazooka would make any target shrink to the size of a 5-year-old; it had no effect on Child Lambo, as he was already five years old, though it did reduce Gokudera's age significantly, taking longer than 5 minutes to dispel.
  • The Ten Year Bazooka also seems to break when it gets wet, as seen in the OVA. When it broke, it started bouncing around randomly and was used by mistake on various people there, including Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and the Varia, changing them with their future selves for random time periods, lasting either much longer or shorter than 5 minutes.


  • The present Shoichi used the Ten Year Bazooka to send the younger Vongola Famiglia to the future; simultaneously, Future Shoichi used the White Round Time Machine to prevent the future and past Vongola Decimo & Guardians from actually switching places, as this would cause a disturbance in time and they may have disappeared from the world.
  • In the Future Arc, the Bazooka sent the Guardians nine years and ten months into the future instead of the original ten years, due to the imbalance in the Tri-ni-sette caused by Byakuran.
  • Throughout the series, it's common by fans to shorthand this, or anything doing with Ten Years Later, as TYL.
  • In the manga, the user actually shoots himself/herself with the bazooka, while in the anime they hide within the bazooka's barrel when it goes off.
  • When used multiple times in a row on the same person, the original five minute rule applies to the first switch.