Teaming Up! is the 381st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

With Fran sleeping, Mukuro Rokudo and the rest of his gang decided to team up with Tsunayoshi Sawada and his team to defeat the three Vindice members. The other members agreed with this alliance for their boss. They decided to attack the Vindice altogether. Gokudera unleashed his Sistema C.A.I. to shield them from the attack of the Vindice. Next, Ken Joshima activates his Kong Channel and unleashes Decuple Bombs sticks that Gokudera gave to him and throws it to the Vindice.

Next to attack is Yamamoto who is supported by Ken using his Shinotsuku Ame. The attack is followed by Chikusa who used his hedgehog yo-yos that injected poisonous spikes. Tsuna then attacks by using Hyper X-Stream. Mukuro follows the attack by using Verde's invention that turns his illusions to realities. He used it to summon corpse-eating crows to eat the Vindice. It exploded afterwards because Mukuro can't handle its power. After the explosion destroys Vindice's hats and coats, revealing their faces. Everyone was shocked to see their true form along with Arcobaleno Pacifiers hung on their necks.

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