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Reborn: Ciaossu! This article is a battle of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.
Team Uni & Team Reborn vs. Team Verde vs. Team Colonnello is a battle of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, meaning its navigation will be different from normal battles.
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Team Uni & Team Reborn vs. Team Verde vs. Team Colonnello is a battle that pitted Team Uni and Team Reborn against Team Verde against Team Colonnello.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Team Reborn goes to Team Uni's mansion to gather intel about the immensely powerful Team Verde that eliminated 5 representatives in 10 minutes. As night falls, their Rainbow Wristwatches announce the commencement of the second day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, which would last 30 minutes.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Colonnello fires Maximum Rifle

Team Verde's Fran unleashes missiles created from the Reality Illusion Machine at Uni's rented mansion. In the confusion, Zakuro, who let his guard down whilst activating his Tirannosauro Tempesta, was eliminated by Mukuro. Chaos ensues from then on; Tsuna engages Mukuro, and the rest of Team Reborn and Team Uni's members fight head on with the sparse few Team Verde members, who despite being disadvantaged by numbers, holds themselves firm and even pushes some members back. In the distance, the Rain Arcobaleno Colonnello aims with his rifle at the battlefield and notes that he could destroy all of the battlers' Rainbow Wristwatches simultaneously. Colonnello then temporarily removes his Arcobaleno Curse via the use of his Arcobaleno Rainbow Wristwatch. Colonnello fires and destroys Kikyo, Ken, and Chikusa's Rainbow Wristwatches. Iemitsu tells Team Reborn to move out of the way so they could eliminate Team Uni and Team Verde, but Tsuna refuses out of loyalty and to honor Team Uni and Reborn's alliance. Thus, Iemitsu terminates they and Team Reborn's alliance and tells Tsuna that in the next shot, Colonnello would be firing at them as well. Colonnello fires, and Tsuna, Gamma, and Reborn all rush to block the attack. However, Byakuran intervenes and takes the brunt of the attack and tells Tsuna to go fight Iemitsu.

Reborn's un-cursed form

Byakuran loses his Boss watch and therefore, Team Uni is eliminated. Tsuna gets angry at Iemitsu Sawada and charges at him. Iemitsu declared to Tsuna that he is bored with fighting him. He asked Tsuna to take off his Boss watch so that Iemitsu could destroy it but Tsuna refuses. Iemitsu threw a boulder at Tsuna but Reborn, curse released, shot the boulder, spelling out the word C-H-A-O-S. He says to Tsuna, " It's lesson time, No-Good Tsuna."

Reborn saves Tsuna from Iemitsu, easily heavily injuring Iemitsu. While battling Iemitsu, Reborn teaches Tsuna about his two flaws in battle: his arrogance and his lack of Dying Will, as he took his strength from Hyper Dying Will Mode for granted. Tsuna acknowledges this and starts to battle Iemitsu. They trade blows, and Iemitsu throws a Flame-enhanced punch to Tsuna, but Tsuna remembers that Dying Will was to not be afraid of your body breaking and takes the punch head on and uses Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised. Tsuna and Iemitsu trade blows once more, but Iemitsu catches Tsuna's leg. Tsuna quickly reacts and uses X-Burner on Iemitsu, point-blank range. Iemitsu, however, steps back and dodges it. Tsuna and Iemitsu trade blows once more, but the battle ends when their Rainbow Wristwatches announce it, and Iemitsu gets the last blow by punching Tsuna in the face.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Iemitsu compliments Tsuna on his fighting, and comments that the battle was fun. Tsuna is angered by Iemitsu's casualness, but Tsuna still tells Iemitsu that he would win next time, Iemitsu accepting it with an "OK".

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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