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Reborn: Ciaossu! This article is a battle of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.
Team Reborn & Team Verde vs. Team Bermuda is a battle of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, meaning its navigation will be different from normal battles.
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Template:Fight InfoboxTeam Reborn & Team Verde vs. Team Bermuda is a battle occurring on the third day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow that pitted Team Reborn and Team Verde against Team Bermuda, which took place at Namimori's local playground.


Team Bermuda makes pre-emptive strikes against all the teams, then retreats. Suddenly at midnight, the Rainbow Wristwatches announce the start of the third day of the Representative Battle. Team Reborn rushes to the playground to avoid involving the local inhabitants, where they meet Team Verde. The latter is intent on attacking the former, but when 3 Team Bermuda representatives attack, Team Reborn and Verde's bosses, Tsuna and Mukuro, respectively, agree to ally to defeat a common enemy.


Hyper X-Stream

The Team Bermuda members attacked with their chains, but Gokudera defends with Sistema C.A.I. Ken goes on the offensive with his Kong Channel and uses Ten Times Bomb. Yamamoto promptly uses Pouring Rain, and Chikusa unleashed a downpour of Rain Needles. Tsuna then used Hyper X-Stream. The Team Bermuda representatives remain motionless as they get furiously attacked, and Mukuro used a new technique: Genjū Gagaia, stating to Tsuna that he had initially planned to use the technique to defeat him. The crows flock towards the Team Bermuda representatives, but explode due to Mukuro's lack of control over them. As the dust clears from the explosion, the Vindice's true gruesome form is revealed. Tsuna and Mukuro's team started to talk about the Vindices' true form. Verde was the first to notice the stone like pacifiers The Vindice started to praise the teams for being the first to see the Vindices' true form. They also said that by being able to do this, they surpassed the power of a human being. Reborn talked about how the Vindice probably aren't human and that the pacifiers around their necks isn't something that can be found anywhere. Also, that it's exactly the same as the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. Reborn wanted to know the reason behind this, but the Vindice can't tell them unless they get Bermuda's permission. Verde thought that Bermuda and Checker Face are in an alliance. Vindice said that Bermuda would never do that and that he's the most paragon of an Arcobaleno. The Vindice wanted to not talk, but to fight. Yamamoto attacked with Sakamaku Ame, but got overpowered by the Vindice's attack. The Vindice captured Gokudera, Chikusa, and Ken with their chains. Everyone else started to notice that they're way stronger than before. Tsuna fired with X-Cannon. Mukuro asked M.M. to wake Flan up, but he wouldn't because he got scared of the Vindice's appearance.

Genjū Mugaia

Mukuro fired with Genju Gagaia. The Vindice aren't getting hurt. The teams starts to get hurt after by their attacks. As everyone started to panic, Chrome Dokuro appears and offers to help the teams as Reborn's representative. Verde immediately gave Chrome Flan's glove while the Vindice stopped their attacks. Chrome managed to recreate her organs with her own illusions and together with Mukuro, they unleashed much more powerful attack of Genju Gagaia, Genju Mugaia. The Vindice tried to block Genjū Mugaia with their chains, but were unable to. Mukuro and Chrome thought the battle was over, but Jaque doesn't stop fighting unlike the other two. Reborn noticed that he's stronger than the other two. Tsuna activates Mitena Di Vongola Primo and clashed with Jaque. Reborn noticed that Tsuna isn't fighting fully due to protecting his boss watch, while Jaque doesn't care about it. Reborn told Tsuna to not contract and to beat him like his life depends on it. Reborn revealed in his pocket Tsuna's recent test which had a score of 0. The test made Reborn consider that rather than winning to break his curse, he still wanted to teach Tsuna some more. Tsuna understands Reborn and both he and Jaque starts to fight full power. Tsuna clashes with Jaque using his Mitena Di Vongola Primo. Verde and Reborn talks about how Tsuna's boss watch is going to get destroyed. Jaque thinks that Tsuna disappeared, but actually Tsuna was going around outside in the same direction as the whirlwind. Mukuro, Reborn, and M.M. talked about Tsuna's direction and speed. Tsuna hopes the boss watch won't break. Tsuna attacked with his Mitena Di Vongola Primo while Jaque was spinning. Verde noticed blood from Jaque and the audience celebrates Tsuna's win.


Reborn showed the test again and wanted Tsuna's test scores to improve like his battle with Jaque. Mukuro, Reborn, and M.M. talks about Tsuna's direction and speed. M.M. can't believe that Tsuna is the same person because he can fight really good and get terrible grades. Bermuda and Jager appears in the battlefield. Bermuda said that he was shocked at the result. jager said that Tsuna has grown to be a lot like Giotto. Bermuda came because he wants to invite Reborn onto the team. Reborn rejects and Bermuda expected that. Bermuda created a warp hole and sucked Reborn with Tsuna too because Tsuna wanted to save Reborn. They both arrive in a place with skeletons on the floor. Reborn said that he let himself get sucked because Reborn wanted to know what Bermuda meant about "the truth." Looking up, Reborn and Tsuna noticed a picture revealing the secrets of the Arcobaleno.


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