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===Day 3===
===Day 3===
*[[Team Reborn & Team Verde vs. Team Bermuda]]
*[[Team Reborn & Team Verde vs. Team Bermuda]]
**'''Battle Result: '''In Progress
**'''Battle Result: '''Team Bermuda loses.

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Template:Infobox Groups and Teams Team Bermuda is the Bermuda von Vichtenstein's representative team, being formed to fight for him in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Although not initially being part of the battle, the team defeated Team Skull on the second day of the Representative Battle and forcibly took their Rainbow Wristwatches to gain entry into the battle, an action approved by Checker Face himself.




Battles Fought

Day 2

  • Team Bermuda vs. Team Skull
    • Battle Result: Team Bermuda wins and takes Team Skull's Rainbow Wristwatches, granting them entry into the Representative Battle.

Members defeated

  • None

Opponents defeated

Outside of Battle Time

Day 3


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