Target Rule is the 242nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Byakuran reveals that the numbers represent the number of people participating in the battle of that Flame attribute and that the box symbol represents those who do not bear rings, much to everyone's surprise. Suddenly, Deisy approaches the girls without anyone realizing and tries to give Kyoko a flower. However, his comrade, Kikyo, brings him back. Byakuran then announces that they should pick their participants and allowed Shoichi Irie to take part as a non-elemental member. Shoichi then tells his team the participating members: Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Spanner, and himself, Reborn agreeing with his decision. Ryohei and Hibari express their desire to participate as well, but Shoichi tells them that there are restrictions, and Ryohei calms down while Hibari isn't convinced; however, Hibari is calmed down by the arrival of Dino. Tsuna then agrees with the members and Byakuran reveals his side's participants: Kikyo, Deisy, Torikabuto, and Torikabuto's A-rank subordinate Saru (actually Genkishi in disguise), since they needed to have two Mist participants.

Byakuran then announces the simplest and easiest way to win the game: the target rule, where each side is to select a unit as the enemy's target and whoever defeats the enemy target first wins. Byakuran reveals that the targets are already chosen and reveals them to be Deisy and Shoichi. The target marks Byakuran uses on the targets runs on the target's Dying Will Flame, giving the battle a time limit. Byakuran then explains that the winner's prizes are the Tri-ni-sette, and the battle officially commences.

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