The Talpa Tempesta is a Storm-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon.

Plot Overview[edit | edit source]

It was first seen used by Millefiore Famiglia soldiers during the attempt invasion of the Vongola Base. Later, Shoichi Irie and Spanner used one of these to hide the remains of the Merone Base after it was teleported away. Its combat abilities are unknown.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Talpa Tempesta is Box Weapon primarily used for underground operations. They can advance below the earth by emitting Storm Flames from its sharp claws. These claws clad in Storm Flames are very convenient in emergencies such as progress operations towards underground hideouts, in spite of the presence of concrete or stones bellow the earth. However, because it is quite careless, there are times when it does not perform its tasks according to orders. There may also be Storm Moles that become lost without ever returning to their masters.

  • Digging (掘り, Hori?)
  • Burying (埋め, Ume?)
  • Excavation (掘削, Kussaku?)
  • Mumbling (モグモグ, Mogumogu?)
  • Lolling (グラグラ, Guragura?)

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