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since Primo's generation. Talbot was presserved during the next generations but he revealed that Arcobaleno and is quite knowledgeable about Bermuda' aria and reborn's teretory. kinshin/arc zadkiel. aria's teretory is in vermuda's triangle. vongola decimo boss

sasori/ arc miguil. teretory Arcobaleno decimo boss.


smily balck haired and red suit. aria has many attitude to and personality. 


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tal means mile fatal damage because the main owner of the vongola box is in mile position so it is called tal.

bot means coros/instant kill . instant kill can be accesed when inheration is near or going. inheration is about travelling that the vongola primo's fights and win is going to inherit because of making new of the actual scene.. vongola primo leaves memory called vongola box every after fighting..

Plot Overview

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

inheritance is by getting lose all battle by travelling or choosing wrong preson or individual.


  • Lævateinn's Hilt - Lævateinn is a flaming sword known as the "Wounding Wand" or the "Staff of Destruction." Lævateinn makes its wielder invincible in battle and is able to fight without someone holding it.
  • Hammer - Talbot's hammer was used to repair the highly damaged Vongola Rings.


  • Talbot has a sheep, and taking care of the sheep was the reason why Talbot was late to the ceremony.
  • In drama cd, it's revealed that he used to own an antique shop.
  • In drama cd, Giotto described that Talbot is still young, which imply that Talbot is around Giotto's age or a few years younger than him when he joined Vongola.


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