Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Superbia Squalo is the 107th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The Cervello announce that the battle was going to be held in Building B, and lead the participants and observers there. Ryohei reveals that he brought Gokudera along, who was clothed like a mummy. They then make their way to the area, where Tsuna comments in surprise that all the windows and doors were sealed shut. Reborn leads them in through a different doorway, and they find a room completely different to what the school building looked like.

Yamamoto adopts a bemused expression as the Cervello announce that that would be the battle site between the Rain Guardians, Aquarion. The Cervello explain that the fighting area was like a water tank, and that the water level would rise, and when a certain water level was reached, a ferocious beast would be released into the arena.

The Varia then arrive, Belphegor gloating that he had the Storm Vongola Ring. Tsuna also notices that Xanxus was with them, who orders Superbia Squalo to utterly destroy Yamamoto. Xanxus then leaves, Squalo protesting, while Reborn gravely comments that Xanxus was serious.

Dino, however, arrives and playfully tells Reborn not to scare them before the battle even started. Dino also states that he told Hibari about the Ring Battles, and on the roof, Hibari yawns and rhetorically asks if it would just be faster to kill the Varia. A fog then settles in, where a mysterious figure accompanied by two others comments that Yamamoto would have to win to grasp his own place.

At the battle site, the Vongola get into a group circle and cheer for Yamamoto. As the observers leave, Tsuna mentally tells Yamamoto to be careful. The Cervello then announce that there would be no time limit, and announce the starting of the match. Squalo immediately goes on the offensive, lunging aggressively at Yamamoto. Squalo leaves gunpowder around Yamamoto, who barely dodges, commenting that his daily image training paid off.

Squalo, however, smirks and asks Yamamoto if his image training covered "this", disappearing. Squalo then rounds a pillar and slashes at Yamamoto, the latter barely parrying. Squalo then causes another gunpowder explosion, but as the smoke clears, Yamamoto is revealed to have used his Shigure Kintoki to utilize the Shigure Soen Ryu's 7th defensive form, Shibuki Ame.

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