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Character Outline

Takeshi Yamamoto was born in Japan and is 177cm tall, weighing 63kg. He is a Taurus with O bloodtype. His Future dream is to become a professional baseball player, and he goes to Namimori's batting field everyday. His favorite food is sushi, and his favorite drink is milk. His favorite instrument is the taiko (a Japanese drum).

Addressed as "Yamamoto" by almost everyone in the series, this baseballer-turned-Mafia has a warm and friendly personality and is rarely seen not smiling. He is, however, very naive to the point of believing that Reborn's Weapons are advanced kid's toys and that the mafia business is one big cops-and-robbers game.

Yamamoto is the type of character that can make friends with everyone, and if not friendship, at least respect. Characters like Hibari Kyoya have been shown to have interest in Yamamoto's battles, and Squalo has also shown interest in his development. However, Yamamoto can become angry when his friends are hurt or injured. He is also willing to sacrifice things important to him to save his friends, shown in the Kokuyo Arc.

Despite his easy-going personality, Yamamoto has shown that he has hidden talent as an Assassin. In fact, Reborn clearly sees Yamamoto's potential and often mentions to Tsuna that Yamamoto is a natural born killer, mentioning as well that he is the best athlete in the entire Vongola family. His fast reflexes and strong body from sports, mainly baseball, gives him a natural advantage and he is shown to be able to dodge cannon fire and wayward fireworks. Yamamoto is also a quick learner, remembering all 8 forms of the Shigure Souen Style despite only being shown once. He also manages to develop a new form of the style in a life-or-death situation.

Yamamoto's portrayal in the story is that of a stereotypical Japanese teenager; his name "Takeshi", and surname 'Yamamoto' are both common Japanese names, his looks are quite ordinary for a Japanese teenager, he is a big fan of baseball (a popular sport in Japan), his family owns a sushi store, and later in the story, he uses a katana (a Japanese sword).

Future Yamamoto has shown to have learned everything about the Mafia and seems to be okay with it.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

One day, Yamamoto broke his arm during training. He thought his career in baseball was the only thing he was good at, and planned to end his life (manga only). However, Tsuna convinced him not to, and the two became good friends. Through all the dangerous Mafia business Reborn put them through, he was ignorantly convinced it was nothing but a game.

Kokuyō Arc

Yamamoto joined the group in the attack on the Kokuyo gang. He was attacked by Ken, and the two ended up trapped underground. Disadvantaged due to both his broken bat and Ken's Ability to smell him, Yamamoto was unwilling to be hurt. However, once Tsuna was in danger, he sacrificed an arm to beat Ken. Later when Lanchia attacked, Yamamoto was able to figure out the secret to his chain ball attack but was defeated all the same.

Varia Arc

File:Rain Ring.jpg

Rain Ring and the Vongola Coat of Arms

After his defeat against Squalo, Yamamoto was chosen as the Vongola Rain Guardian and was given a half Vongola Ring. He was then taught the eight forms of the Shigure Soen Style by his father. Yamamoto later fought Squalo again during the Rain Ring Battle. In the end, Yamamoto won by creating his own Technique in the middle of the battle. A shark was then let loose as part of the match and although Yamamoto tried to save him, Squalo was pulled into the water. During the Sky Ring Battle, Yamamoto was cured of the poison by Hibari. Meeting up with Gokudera, the two went to rescue Chrome. Yamamoto devised a cunning plan but when it backfired they were caught in Mammons Illusions and were ultimately saved by Ryohei. Later Yamamoto was relieved to hear that Squalo had been saved by Dino.

Future Arc

Yamamoto (25 yrs old) with his Sword

In the Future, Yamamoto led Tsuna and Gokudera to the Vongola Base where they met with Reborn. It is there that it is revealed that Yamamoto's dad was killed by the Millefiore. Later during a fight with the Millefiore he is swapped with his Past self. Along with Tsuna and Gokudera he later begins training with Lal Mirch and was able to quickly draw out the Rings Flame though he couldn't open all his Boxes. Later while searching for Hibari, he and Gokudera follow a lead to Namimori Shrine and encounter Gamma. Despite convincing Gokudera to work with him, the two were defeated and Hibari arrived just in time to save them.

After he recovered, Yamamoto began training with Reborn. Reborn gave Yamamoto a DVD of Squalo titled 'The Road to becoming the Swords Emperor' with 101 battles Squalo won. After developing new techniques from the video Yamamoto was successfully able to slice Reborn's hat. Reborn then told Yamamoto about the secret of the Arcobaleno, but asked him not to tell anyone else until after they defeated the Millefiore.

During the attack on the Melone Base, Yamamoto, along with the unconscious Lal, they were separated from the others. He then encountered Genkishi and was overpowered by his Illusions. After he was knocked out he was once again saved by Hibari. Later Yamamoto along with the other Guardians was given a Vongola Box.

Choice Arc

When Squalo arrived at the base, he began training Yamamoto and while in the in the woods, Takeshi decided to follow the path of the sword devotedly.

Yamamoto was included in the Choice battle. During the battle he encountered Saru who quickly revealed himself to be Genkishi. Using his new Vongola Box Yamamoto was then able to defeat Genkishi. While lying injured Genkishi was killed by Kikyo. Yamamoto then went to attack the Millfiore target Daisy and defeated him at the same time as Kikyo defeated Irie. However because of Daisy's undying power, the Vongola lost. After Yuni defected, Yamamoto and the rest of Tsuna's group retreated back to Namimori.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Yamamoto paired with Colonnello

After being sent back to the past to train, the Guardians meet Giotto, who reveals that the 10th Generation Guardians have yet to inherit the true power of the Vongola. After Giotto leaves, Reborn states that he knows the procedure, and assigns tutors to all the Guardians. Colonnello becomes Yamamoto's tutor as they both possess the Rain Flame. Later Asari Ugetsu appears before him and asks him to voice his resolve. Yamamoto replies "I promise to show I'm worth, that's all", Asari laughs saying "A simple and clear response" and says he'll be watching Yamamoto closely before disappearing.

The next day Yamamoto goes for a run early in the morning to clear his head of the Choice Battle, where he blames himself for not finishing off Daisy, thinking it is his fault they lost the battle. At this point Colonnello shoots Yamamoto which he manages to defend against. Colonnello was seemingly surprised that Yamamoto was still breathing normally after running for at least 10 kilometers. Colonnello then begins his training with Yamamoto.

While returning home from school Asari shows up and announces that the test for the Guardian of Rain will be held that very night at the Namimori shrine. While Yamamoto is practising before his test Colonnello shows up and asks him if there's anything on his mind, to which Yamamoto responds that due to his easy going attitude he ended up creating a big mess for everyone, and that he wasn't going to make the same mistake again.

Yamamoto vs Asari Ugetsu

At the shrine he finds that Tsuna, Gokudera, Ryohei, Reborn, Fon and Colonnello have all come to watch. Asari arrives and the trial begins. Asari states that the trial is very simple, and all he wanted was to see the extent of Yamamoto's resolve. Asari pulls out his swords, and Yamamoto assuming that it's a fight, he starts to battle him, much to the confusion of Asari. Asari tries to point out that even his boss was worried about him. Yamamoto taking this the wrong way, decides to end it quickly. Asari unleashes his sword techniques, and backs Yamamoto into a corner, however Yamamoto sees and opening in Asari's attack's and decide to strike there. He nearly succeeds if Colonnello had not stopped him. Asari appears beside Yamamoto again and declares that he failed, however Asari decides to give Yamamoto another chance, but warns Yamamoto that he won't get another.

Yamamoto gaining Asari Ugetsu's power

The next day Yamamoto still depressed, continues his uncharacteristic behaviour. He comes late for school, and starts blaming himself for what happened. After school he walks along with Ryhoei, Tsuna and Gokudera, as they ponder on why he failed. He says that he can't think of anything and goes home. Once home, he is once again training hard, Yamamoto's dad comes with some food and tea and ask's him to take a break. Yamamoto's dad says that he isn't acting the way he usually does, this causes Yamamoto to ask his dad for advice, to which his dad responded "Do what you want to do." After his dad leaves Colonnello comes and asks him to think about why he tried to stop him the day before. Back at the shrine, Yamamoto starts the test again. He attacks Asari again, and manages to defend against Asari's attacks. He once again finds an opening, and like last time goes for it. This time he stops himself, and Asari declares he's passed. Yamamoto being confused, Asari starts to explain that if the Guardian of Rain runs dry, the bond that ties everyone together would crumble, and also he was trying to see whether or not Yamamoto would attack someone who is seemingly defenseless. This inheritance test was based on Yamamoto's duty as a Rain Guardian, which is to settle conflicts and wash everything away. Asari then gives Yamamoto his power, saying it will come in use, when he's in a dire sitiation.

After Choice

Squalo remained at the Vongola Base to fight Zakuro but was caught in an explosion. Later Yamamoto went back with Bianchi, Spanner and Giannini to rescue Squalo. During the final battle against the Six Funeral Wreaths Yamamoto arrived in time to defend Ryohei and Gokudera from Ghost.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

He was grouped with Kaoru to patrol Namimori Middle School's sports facilities to protect Tsuna.



Yamamoto thinks Tsuna is amazing and treats him as a very close friend. Although he is rather naive towards what is really happening during the series, Yamamoto is very devoted and loyal to Tsuna and puts fighting for him and protecting him above everything else.


Yamamoto thinks of Gokudera as a friend and although Gokudera does not seem to admit this fact, he also thinks of Yamamoto as a trusted ally, but they do have somewhat of a one-sided rivalry going on. Gokudera believes Yamamoto is trying to become Tsuna's right hand man, when in reality, he is simply being his clueless self and enjoys their competitions. They therefore push each other to do their best and become stronger because of each other. Gokudera also enjoys calling Yamamoto a "baseball freak" whenever he is acting laid-back in a tough situation, when he references something to baseball, or when he does not know something.

In the Future, the present Yamamoto scolds Gokudera for his coldness towards him. He says that he has no right to be Tsuna's right hand man right now, as the right hand man's job is to gather and unite the Guardians, not turn away from them. He goes back to being happy once Gokudera chooses to accept him.


The person who "found" Yamamoto and consequently made him join Vongola. He has very high expectations of Yamamoto's talents and eventually becomes his tutor in the Future Arc. Reborn says that Yamamoto is a naturally talented assassin. Yamamoto on the other hand thinks that Reborn is an infant who likes to play with very advanced toys (Guns, Bombs). Recently after starting to train with Reborn he has acknowledged him to be powerful and is interested in hearing Reborn's secrets which he revealed to him after their training. Reborn seems to like sitting on Yamamoto's shoulder.


Squalo is the first opponent Yamamoto faced who uses a sword. After a humiliating defeat at Squalo's hands Yamamoto had trained extremely hard to learn the Shigure Souen Style in hopes of beating Squalo. Squalo can be seen as the oil that strengthened Yamamoto's desire to become stronger and his rival at swordsmanship. After defeating Squalo in the Rain battle Squalo says that Yamamoto has what it takes to become a great Swordsman, acknowledging him. He, like Reborn, also has high hopes for Yamamoto. In the Future Arc, Squalo sends Reborn and Yamamoto a video of the 101 battles he won in order to become the Sword Emperor, helping Yamamoto and refiring his determination. In the Future Arc, it is also mentioned that Vongola has two Swords masters; one of which is Yamamoto, the other Squalo. Squalo seems to get irritated at Yamamoto as he chooses baseball over swordsmanship.

Abilities and Weapons

Yamamoto inherited the deadly Shigure Soen Sword Style from his father, who also gave him the Shigure Kintoki, a shinai that transforms into a Katana when the Shigure Soen Style is used. His father taught him eight Forms, four Defensive and four Offensive. Yamamoto has since developed three new Forms and, thanks to his training with Squalo, has also developed Aggregate Art, a move that combines all the Shigure Souen Forms together.

Takeshi Yamamoto with Vongola Rain Swallow and Vongola Rain Akita

  • Vongola Rain Ring - Won during the Rain Ring Battle. As part of the Tri-Ni-Set it is classed as S-rank. In the Future, the Vongola Rings were destroyed by Tsuna. However they were later brought back from the Past with the Ten Year Bazooka. Yamamoto is capable of bringing out Rain Dying Will Flames from his Ring and use it's Tranquility Ability to diffuse other Dying Will Flames. He can also use the heat from the Ring to detect incoming attacks. The Vongola Guardians were later accepted by the First Vongola Boss as the rightful owners of the Vongola Rings and were granted their true Forms.
  • Rain Vongola Box Weapon - Yamamoto has a unique Box Weapon as it in fact two different Animals, one being Jirou the Rain Akita (Akita di Pioggia ver. Vongola) and the other Kojirou the Rain Swallow (Rondine di Pioggia ver. Vongola). Jirou helps Yamamoto wield the three Rain Blades that use Rain Flames to propel Yamamoto in different directions. Kojirou has the power to make Rain infused with the Tranquility Attribute and shower it down on opponents.

    Asari Ugetsu

  • Cambio Forma - Asari Ugetsu (Change Form: Morning Benefit Moon Obsured by Rain) - Kojirou fuses with Yammamoto's Shigure Kintoki to create the ornately decorated long sword with the roman numeral "I", and Jirou provides three short swords. It is said the First Rain Guardian used this sword style.
  • Motorcycle/Airbike - Used to travel great distances without the use of Dying Will Flames, thus escaping detection.

Win-Loss Battle Record


  • In the Reborn! Fandom, he is commonly referred to as 80.
  • Yamamoto also has the ability to create moves in life or death situation. A similarity with Asari Ugetsu
  • Future Yamamoto was seen using one of Squalo's moves, Attacco di Squalo.
  • Yamamoto has two character songs, Minna Suki Daze and Ashita ni Mukatte
  • Yamamoto has two songs with Gokudera, Oretachi No JOY and Oretachi No Yakusoku
  • Yamamoto has appeared in other character songs, namely Katekyo No Ondo and Vongola Family (Ver I and II)
  • In the future, Yamamoto was aiming to enter the major league before he returned full-time to the Vongola. Squalo sent him the videos of his battles in order to draw him back to the path of the sword.
  • The First Rain Guardian and Yamamoto have a strong resemblance.
  • Yamamoto is the only character to have one Box Weapon that is made up of two different Animals.
  • Yamamoto is one of the fastest Guardians to light his Ring.
  • Gokudera calls him "Baseball Nut" or "Baseball Freak" when he is annoyed at him.
  • So far, Yamamoto is the only one out of Tsuna's Family to know the secret of the Arcobaleno.
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