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Takeshi Yamamoto, commonly referred to as Yamamoto, is one of the main characters in Katekyō Hitman Reborn!. He is generally warm and friendly, and is rarely seen without a smile on his face. He is rather naive to the point of believing that the Mafia is nothing more than a game and that his life isn't in any real danger.

He was chosen to be the Tenth Generation Rain Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia.

Takeshi is portrayed as a stereotypical Japanese teenager; his appearance is quite ordinary, he's a big fan of baseball, his father owns a sushi resturant, and he wields a katana.

Character Outline


Takeshi is a fairly-tall teenager with short, spiky black hair and large brown eyes. He bears a strong resemblance to his father. In the future, he has a scar on his chin.

His most prominent outfit is his Namimori Junior High uniform. He wears a black sweater, with a white formal shirt underneath, and gray pants. Unlike most of his other allies, Takeshi hardly ever wears a tie with his uniform.


Takeshi is the type of character that can make friends with everyone, and if not friendship, then at least respect. Characters like Hibari, have been shown to have interest in Takeshi's battles, and Squalo has also shown to have interest in his development to the point of willingly tutoring him. However, Takeshi can become angry when his friends are hurt or injured. He is also willing to sacrifice things important to him to save his friends from danger, as shown in the Kokuyo Arc. where he sacrificed an arm (right before an important baseball game) to defeat Ken Joshima; and when Superbi Squalo asked him whether he would choose baseball or the sword, he chose the sword in order to protect those he cared about. 

In school his grades are around the same as Tsuna's because of his focus on baseball. However, it is shown that once he sits down and actually learns the theory, he can do any problem easily. Despite not being smart academically wise, he has shown an inner wisdom and tact belying his age. This was shown when he scolded Gokudera on being a proper right-hand man. He has the tendency to believe that everything is a game, including the Vongola which he believes to be some sort of 'mafia role-playing game'. His future self, however, seems to have finally acknowledged the reality of the situation. 

Future Takeshi still shows a bit of his easy-going self but has become more mature and serious. In terms of personality, Takeshi resembles the First Vongola Rain Guardian Ugetsu Asari, something the latter acknowledges.

Weapons and Abilities

Takeshi is a very skilled fighter. Despite his easy-going personality, Takeshi has shown that he has hidden talent as a hitman. In fact, Reborn clearly sees Takeshi's potential and often mentions to Tsuna that Takeshi is a natural born hitman, mentioning as well that he is the best athlete in the entire Vongola Famiglia. His fast reflexes and athletically conditioned-body give him a natural advantage and he is shown to be able to dodge cannon fire and wayward fireworks. Takeshi is also a quick learner, remembering all 8 forms of the Shigure Soen Ryu despite only being shown once. He also manages to develop a new form of the style, the 9th form, in a life-or-death situation.


Takeshi Yamamoto with his Box Weapons.

Ugetsu Asari's Four Irregular Swords.

Cambio Forma ver. X

  • Cambio Forma: Ugetsu Asari's Four Irregular Swords: Kojirou fuses with Takeshi's Shigure Kintoki to create the ornately decorated long sword with the roman numeral "I", and Jirou provides three short swords. It is said the First Rain Guardian used this sword style. In its Version X form Takeshi gain's only two swords, along with Armor around his wrists.
  • Water: A box weapon used by Future Takeshi Yamamoto used for defensive water wall able to withstand Flames and protect from incoming attacks.
  • Motorcycle: Used to travel great distances during Choice, using a Dying Will Flame powered engine, completely covered by material used to make Mammon Chains and Mammon Covers to keep the bikes from being detected.
  • Necklace of the Rain Version X: The upgrade version of the Vongola Rain Ring took form of a Necklace with a Sword and Cane di Pioggia ver. Vongola.


  • Shigure Soen Ryu: Takeshi inherited this deadly Sword Style from his father who taught him eight Forms, four Defensive and four Offensive. Takeshi has since developed three new Forms and, thanks to his training with Squalo, has also developed Aggregate Art, a move that combines all the Shigure Souen Forms together.
  • Attacco di Squalo: A shockwave attack which turns a powerful blow into an oscillating wave that stuns the opponent's muscles. He improved Attaco di Squalo by adding Rain Flames in his Shigure Kintoki
  • Rain Flame Radar: An ability to see through invisible attacks by using his Ring's Flames as a radar to detect vibrations in the air, Takeshi learns what the radar reads through his Box Weapon, Kojirou.



  • Takeshi's favorite food is sushi, and his favorite drink is milk. Both his favourite food and favourite drink are exactly the same as Belphegor's.
  • Takeshi's favorite sushi dish is toro, hamachi and shrimp.
  • Takeshi's favorite musical instrument is the taiko (a Japanese drum).
  • Takeshi's favorite baseball position is batting; but he wishes to be a well-rounded player.
  • In the future, Takeshi was aiming to enter the major league before he returned full-time to the Vongola. Squalo sent him the videos of his battles in order to draw him back to the path of the sword.
  • Takeshi is the only character to have one Box Weapon that is made up of two different animals.
  • In the most recent poll, Takeshi ranked 7th in popularity and 10th in strength.
  • In Haru's Haru Haru Interview: Dangerous, it is revealed that while Takeshi's dad runs a sushi bar, Takeshi himself is yelled at whenever he touches anything in the restaurant.
  • In Ciao Ciao interview, it is stated that the person he thinks invincible is his father, and he said that he probably can never beat him.
  • His family owns a dojo named "Asarigumi" (Asari Clan) which used to be where Takeshi's father trained his Shigure Soen style when he was young, which is coincidentally similar to Asari's family name. Currently, the dojo is usually used by Takeshi whenever he trains his swordsmanship.
  • As seen in Haru Haru's Interview Dangerous, Takeshi loves milk and even once told Gokudera to drink some because he thinks Gokudera's constant frustration was due to lack of calcium (oblivious that his easy-going attitude was actually the cause of it).
  • In volume 42's Everyone's One Day Activities, it's revealed that one of Takeshi's dreams is to play baseball with Tsuna and the other Guardians, though this ends up being hectic because Hibari and Mukuro started fighting for real, followed by Gokudera and Lambo. However, Takeshi still thinks that everyone is having a fun game together, although it's no longer a baseball game.
  • According to Futa's ranking databook in volume 36, Takeshi ranked 3rd as "the most wanted mafia member."


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