Surprise Attack is the 378th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Basil is struck back by the Vindice attacking them. Lal Mirch wonders why they were attacking, but Iemitsu points out to Lal that the Vindice wasn't wearing a Rainbow Wristwatch, which meant that the attack was a surprise attack. The Vindice responds that it was true and that his intention was to destroy all of their Rainbow Wristwatches for Bermuda. Basil calls the Vindice cowardly for attacking when Colonnello wasn't present, and Iemitsu questions him what their ulterior motive was for being so loyal to Bermuda. However, the Vindice replies that he wasn't qualified for an answer, and Iemitsu attacks him. Basil tells Iemitsu to be careful, but Iemitsu responds that the 3 of them could probably chase away one Vindice. Lal tells Basil to treat the battle like their training. However, the Vindice attacks Iemitsu's house, and Nana emerges, telling Iemitsu that with the racket he was making, he would disturb the neighbors. Seeing an opening, the Vindice attacks Nana, much to the dread of the present CEDEF members.

In Kokuyo Land, Mukuro, Chikusa, and Ken are fighting the Vindice. Mukuro tells Chikusa to desist, which the latter does with a slight argument, telling Ken to do so as well. Suddenly, Fran appears behind Mukuro and Mukuro notices that Fran was ridiculously pale. Fran, trembling, asks Mukuro if the Vindice was a Shinigami, a Death God. Mukuro laughs loudly and states that now he would relax, as he knew that Fran was capable of fear, which was invaluable in an illusionist. Fran, however, tells Mukuro to watch out, and the Vindice grabs Mukuro's head from behind.

At Team Mammon's hotel, everyone except Xanxus and Superbia Squalo is defeated, and they are telling Xanxus to run. Xanxus, however, scoffs at this and calls them trash, Squalo smirking and agreeing.

At Namimori Hospital, Fon comments that they were lucky that Skull survived, and that he truly had an undead body. Uni sympathizes with Skull, and Verde and Mammon contemplate on the problem of Bermuda. Reborn adds that tomorrow was another day, and that he was looking forward to going all out. Colonnello and Mammon, however, question Reborn on his motives for joining the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Reborn smiles and tells them to ask Fon or Uni, as they had already figured it out. Reborn then leaves the room. Fon chuckles and reveals that everything Reborn did up until now was for the sake of making Tsuna a capable Vongola Decimo. Fon recaps that Reborn gathered Tsuna his Guardians and another Famiglia's Boss, Dino, to improve Tsuna's leadership ability. He also got Tsuna to ally himself with Byakuran and Gamma for new experiences. He used all of his uncursed time to anonymously improve Tsuna's fighting style. Finally, he helped Hibari by having Dino teach and help him so that Hibari would be a capable rival to Tsuna. Mammon is astonished at Reborn's selflessness, and Verde comments that Reborn's motives were rather foolish. Colonnello concludes that Tsuna basically had two fathers, with Reborn as the surrogate. Colonnello states that even though Tsuna tried to hide it, he was steadily improving.

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