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Superbia Squalo,[1] commonly referred to as Squalo, is the second-in-command of the Varia, the independent assassination squad of the Vongola Famiglia. He is the second holder of the title Sword Emperor after defeating the first.

Character Outline[]


Young Squalo

Younger Squalo

Squalo's most notable feature is his long, straight silver/white hair, which he keeps long to show his dedication to his boss, Xanxus, and he refuses to cut it until Xanxus replaces Tsunayoshi Sawada as the 10th Vongola boss. When he was younger, before Xanxus' imprisonment, his hair was spiky at the back and kept short. In the future, his hair tends to cover his right eye, with one strand hanging down the center of his face. His eyes and eyebrows are light grey in colour.  

Squalo is often seen wearing his Varia uniform, which he customizes like the other members. He tends to style his uniform like a trench-coat. He has also occasionally been shown wearing black earmuffs in cold weather. During the battles he fought to secure his title of Second Sword Emperor, he wore a long-sleeved, dark blue top with a white, furry collar and long, matching pants. Before the Cradle Affair, he wore a white shirt with a black tie and green checkered pants, this being his school uniform. At the party where he first met Xanxus, he also wore a black blazer over the shirt.  As revealed in the Rain Ring Battle against Takeshi Yamamoto, he cut off his left hand and replaced it with a mechanized sword, which was done so he could better relate to the Sword Emperor, Tyr, who also happened to be the previous Boss of the Varia and fought without his left hand. 


Squalo has a loud personality and tends to shout "Voi!" (the Italian version of the plural "you") to vent his frustration. Like Xanxus, he tends to be violent and loses his temper easily. According to his childhood friend and former schoolmate Dino, even as a teenager Squalo was intimidating and like a shark that has smelled blood. Nonetheless, he still manages to be one of the most level-headed Varia members and as the second-in-command, he often keeps the others in line. He enjoys fighting, especially against opponents he deems worthy and is highly dedicated to swordsmanship. Despite willingly handing over the Varia boss position to Xanxus, Squalo's status as a former boss candidate and current second-in-command shows that he is a capable leader in his own right.

He demonstrates a strong sense of honour and loyalty, refusing to accept help from Yamamoto during the Rain Ring Battle because he did not want his pride as a swordsman to be "tainted", and keeping his promise to follow Xanxus even after finding out the truth about Xanxus's heritage during their coup to overthrow the Ninth. Squalo is also shown to be cynical and strong-willed; when he and Dino were teenagers, he criticised Dino's lack of ambition and declared that he would "cut through everything" with his sword until everyone submitted to him. As the representative of the sin of Pride, he takes a great deal of pride in his position as the Sword Emperor and a member of the elite Varia; and is very confident in his abilities as a swordsman, albeit deservedly so.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Being Varia's second-in-command, Squalo is an extremely skilled swordsman who has defeated countless other swordsmen even before he joined Varia, earning him the title of the Sword Emperor. He is also perceptive, seeing right through Genkishi's Mist Illusions when Genkishi tried to fake a loss and even seeing through Chrome Dokuro's illusion of Yamamoto, which Mammon mentions that only real experts could see through. He's intelligent and analytical, being able to learn techniques easily, and is the Varia's strategist in the future.

Grande Pioggia Squalo

Squalo Grande Pioggia

  • Artificial Arm Sword: Squalo cut off his own left hand and replaced it with this sword. The artificial arm sword is able to extend and turn 180 degrees backwards.
  • Squalo Grande Pioggia: Squalo's Box Weapon, which resembles a great white Shark and is powerful enough to defeat enemies on its own. He nicknamed it Alo.
  • Attacco di Squalo: A shockwave attack which turns a powerful blow into an oscillating wave that rings throughout the opponent's body, paralyzing them for a short period of time.
  • Zanna di Squalo: Squalo thrusts his sword forward multiple times. Basil states that it was "chewing away at the air in front of him".
  • Scontro di Squalo: Squalo slices diagonally in front of him, tearing away the water as he charges forward.


  • Squalo, when translated, literally means "Shark" in Italian. Superbia can be translated to pride/arrogance, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. He shares the Sin trait with the rest of the Varia Members, whose names and personalities each resemble a Sin (Wrath, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, and Pride).
  • Squalo's first name is pronounced and written as (スペルビ, Superbi?) in Japanese but is officially romanized as "Superbia" in the databook and all merchandise.
  • He's the first Varia member to be shown in the series.
  • In one of Haru's Haru Haru Interview: Dangerous, Reborn states that Squalo is the loudest member of the Mafia, according to Futa's rankings. In the manga interview, Belphegor also stated that he was noisy.
  • He is the only Varia member to have his surname shown in the series.
  • Both he and Xanxus have a habit of calling people, especially Tsuna and his Guardians, "Trash”, "Scum" or "Brats".
  • His favorite food is tuna carpaccio.
  • In Mr. Rebokku no Ciao Ciao Interview, he revealed that his favorite word was "pride", which also translates to his name, Superbia.
  • In the most recent poll, Squalo ranked sixth in popularity, achieving the same result as last year, last year's result having 27,303 votes. Squalo ranked 8th in strength.
  • Dino stated that when Squalo couldn't choose a sword style, he traveled east to fight other swordsmen and "absorb" their abilities.
  • Squalo completed his current sword style when he defeated Tyr.
  • In the Rebokku Interviews, only showed on DVD, one of the interviews stated that Squalo brushes his Rain Shark's teeth when on holidays.
  • According to the Reborn! Fan book, Squalo's favorite hobby is sword maintenance.
  • Squalo's favorite animal is a shark.
  • Squalo's sword is a well-known brand of Italian sword called a spatha, which was used by gladiators.
  • His talent in the OVA was that he could balance a spinning top on his sword while creating a threatening sense of fear.
  • His signature outburst 'voi' means 'you', plural form, in Italian, although it's sometimes translated as 'hey'.
  • He shares his birthday with Kensuke Mochida.
  • He was left-handed.
  • He participates in extra chapter "What if Reborn!" as an English teacher. However, his inability to let go of his signature outburst causes him to mispronounce "pencil" in English.
  • Squalo likes the nervousness of life or death duel, sleeping again after waking up, spaghetti alla pescatora, and Buri Daikon. His dislikes are his subordinate’s grumbling, his boss’ spoiled attitude, Vongola younglings, Yamamoto's carefreeness, Levi’s idiocy, Fran’s huge idiocy, and many more.[2]
  • In the Official Reborn Secret Bullet Novel (X-Fiamma), it was also revealed that Squalo's left stump aches whenever Xanxus is in mortal danger. This occurs because of the connection between the promise he made and his resolve to follow Xanxus.
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