Summons is the 124th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.


Reborn and Tsuna are visiting Lambo at the hospital. After Tsuna makes sure that Lambo and the Ninth are okay, Reborn tells Tsuna a new weapon is ready for him. Reborn shows Tsuna a battle suit made by Leon that could withstand the Dying Will Flame's heat. Tsuna thanks Leon and prepares himself for the Sky Ring Battle. At Kokuyo Land, Chikusa and Ken try to contact Mukuro through Chrome, to no avail. Chrome apologizes and sets off for Namimori. Ryohei, Yamamoto, and Gokudera set off as well and are soon joined by Basil. Basil tells them of how there were three other Vongola Boss candidates besides Tsuna and Xanxus before the Cradle Affair. Xanxus, however, had tremendous approval from all of the Vongola members besides the Ninth and his advisor. The three brush those thoughts aside, believing in Tsuna's "extraordinary ordinariness".

Suddenly, a flash of light comes from Namimori Middle. The four of them rush to the source, which happens to be Xanxus. Tsuna is also present and ready to fight him. The Cervello appear and tell Tsuna that only his Cloud and Lightning Guardians are needed. Hibari and the rest of the Varia (except Superbia Squalo) promptly appear, along with the other Cervello member, who is carrying Lambo. The Cervello say that it is necessary to have all of the representatives, as the other six Vongola Rings and the lives of the six Guardians are at stake.



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