Summer Festival is the 58th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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It's the summer festival and Tsuna accompanies Lambo and I-Pin. After the two leaves to look around, Tsuna walks alone, wishing that he was with Kyoko, when a huge crowd catches his attention. Tsuna investigates and sees Reborn playing in shooting range, hitting all the targets with one bullet, much to the owner's dismay. Tsuna goes to leave, afraid to get caught in one of Reborn's antics again.

As Tsuna walks, I-Pin goes to get him to buy her a chocolate banana. The two go to the store and Tsuna is surprised to see that Gokudera and Yamamoto are the storekeepers. Tsuna asks the two what they are doing and Reborn arrives to explain the situation. Due to Yamamoto breaking the wall during their Tanabata contest, the city council sent them a bill and gave them permission to set up a store to raise the money. Gokudera tells Tsuna that their goal is to sell 500 pieces of chocolate bananas, and Tsuna agrees to help them.

The other shop keepers tries to warn Tsuna to not get associated with Gokudera and Yamamoto, since there is a placement fee. Gokudera and Yamamoto, however, agree to pay the fee, thinking that it's a tradition. Just then, Hibari arrives to collect the 50,000 placement fee that would go to the disciplinary committee, much to the group's surprise. Hibari warns them that if they can't pay the fee, the disciplinary committee will crush their stand. The three pay the fee, afraid of getting their stand crushed, and Hibari leaves.

After Hibari leaves, Kyoko and Haru, wearing their Yukuta, arrive and buy some banana from them. The two are surprised to see that they have a store, but disappointed since they will not be able to watch the fireworks together. Gokudera gives them their bananas and the girls leave, Tsuna wishing to go to the fireworks with them. Gokudera says that they can watch the fireworks if they finished early, giving Tsuna hope and a determination to finish the work quickly.

Gokudera unknowingly intimidates the costumers, causing them to walk further while Yamamoto is able to sell some chocolates bananas. Just then, Adult I-Pin, wearing a yukuta, arrives and goes to help them with their store. According to her, since they are selling chocolate bananas, they should display the bananas already dipped in chocolate, since appearance is important in product selling. With I-Pin's idea, the three are able to sell almost all of their bananas except for one box. Yamamoto goes to play some ball throwing games while Gokudera goes to the bathroom, leaving Tsuna alone to watch the store. As Tsuna thinks about going to see the fireworks with Kyoko, a kid arrives and steals the box where they keep the money. Tsuna follows him but ends up facing the corrupted lifeguards from the beach who turns out to be behind the robberies. Tsuna tries to get Yamamoto and Gokudera but his path is blocked by some of the lifeguard's friends. The lifeguard that Tsuna punched grabs Tsuna and pulls out a knife, about to slice Tsuna. Just then, Hibari arrives and tells the group that he have come there to thank them and get the money they stole for the disciplinary committee, much to Tsuna's dismay. The lifeguard grabbing Tsuna gets irritated and surrounds Hibari with his friends. Tsuna begins to worry when Reborn shoots him with a Dying Will Bullet. Tsuna in his dying will mode intimidates the thieves just as Gokudera and Yamamoto arrive to support them. The four are able to beat up the thieves and Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera managed to save their money from Hibari. Tsuna thinks that they will not be able to see the fireworks when the girls arrive. Tsuna is surprised by this and Reborn reveals that he called them. However, Reborn tells Tsuna to not get the wrong idea since they are in the best secret spot to watch the fireworks in...

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