Study Time, Start! Begin The Pursuit Of Knowledge is the 235th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna is happy with seeing Dino again while Yamamoto and Gokudera examines the horse he is riding. Reborn and Giannini then arrive and Reborn says that the kids should be in bed by now. Dino tries to get off his horse but ends up falling off, revealing the fact that he still needs his subordinates in order to not mess up.

The next day, Haru and Kyoko wake up early in order to clean up after the party. However, they find Chrome Dokuro and I-Pin already halfway through it and the girls and Chrome's friendship begins to grow. Later that day, Dino and his men heads the training for the kids. Before beginning the training, Dino asks Chrome if they can count on her as an ally since she is also part of Mukuro's group to which she replies that she wants to get stronger in order to return to the past and be with the people important to her. Dino then notes that Lambo needs to be trained as well since they need the power of all the guardians. Dino then reveals that with the Future Tsuna's help, he is able to arrange a training program for each of them to get the best results and also explains that he already started training with Hibari. He then tells them his plans: Tsuna is to train alone in order to make him synced with his Box Weapon. Gokudera is ordered to train Ryohei and Lambo since the two is unable to use their boxes yet. Gokudera is initially angered with his duty but accepts it after Tsuna compliments him on being good enough to be a teacher. Dino then reveals the Chrome is to use Mammon's Illusionist Training Program and also needs to improve her Hand to Hand coordination. Dino then passes on giving Yamamoto a training program since he thinks that he is upbeat due to his recent battle with Genkishi and tells him to standby since he (Dino) would be killed by that guy if he teaches him anything useless.

Meanwhile at the Pacific Ocean, Squalo hitches a ride on a boat on its way to Japan. Squalo is angry with Yamamoto for losing to Genkishi...

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