The Storm Ring Battle is the third match of the Vongola Ring Conflict. It is the battle between the candidates for the title of Tenth Generation Vongola Storm Guardian, Hayato Gokudera and Belphegor. The match took place in the Hurricane Field.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

In order to gain the Vongola's Storm Ring and the right to be the next generation's Storm Guardian, Gokudera and Belphegor participate in the third round of the Ring Battle.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Triple Bombs

The battle begins with Gokudera setting off his dynamite near Belphegor and gauging his reaction, surprised to see him unaffected. Gokudera then uses his Triple Bombs technique to Belphegor, who doesn't dodge it; instead, he lets the hurricane turbine blow it away, much to Gokudera's surprise. Belphegor then goes on the offensive, letting his knives attack Gokudera. However, Gokudera flees to another area, planting his dynamite on a wall, letting it explode, to go into hiding. Gokudera, who was hiding somewhere else, was almost hit by Belphegor's knives, surprising him, as he shouldn't be able to see him. Belphegor comments that only he, the prince, was able to do it, then cuts Gokudera's shoulder deeply. Gokudera desperately attempts to think about the weaknesses of the attack, then noticed Belphegor touching his shoulder before the battle. Gokudera then hides again. Belphegor strikes with another knife attack, but hits a human body model instead. Gokudera then reveals himself, saying that the secret of his technique was that he planted an invisible string on Gokudera to make his attacks accurate. Belphegor compliments Gokudera on figuring it out, but states that he couldn't do anything. However, Gokudera unleashes his new attack, Rocket Bombs, which makes Belphegor bleed profusely. Mammon reveals that Belphegor's own blood makes him stronger. Belphegor, now stronger, attacks Gokudera, forcing him into hiding again. Belphegor chases after Gokudera, throwing a bunch of knives linked with razor wire, immobilizing Gokudera. However, Gokudera slackens the wires, neutralizing their damage, and attacks Belphegor with his dynamite attached to the wires. Belphegor falls, but the Cervello announce that the victor cannot be determined until both halves of the Vongola Rings are united, which Gokudera does, but Belphegor, on the verge of death, attempts to kill Gokudera, collapsing once again. However, the hurricane turbines then start to explode, causing the Vongola Guardians to tell Gokudera to withdraw. The hurricane turbine near Gokudera then explodes, Gokudera staggering out and ashamedly stating to Tsuna that he lost, but he wanted to see the fireworks again.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Gokudera entrusts the battle to Yamamoto, who was in the next battle. The Cervello then formally announce the next battle to be between Yamamoto and Squalo.

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