The Steel Serpent Ball is a weapon used by Lancia. The snake-like grooves twist the air current around the ball. The currents that travel through the grooves merge in a complex fashion and create a violent current with much greater power. Along with the increase in power of Lancia's attacks, these violent air currents create a vortex to suck in whatever is near, making it difficult for the enemy to dodge.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Senja Reppa - Centers the ball in front of him facing his enemy and hits it with one palm towards the enemy.
  • Boja Reppa - A more powerful version of Senja Reppa. Lanica throws the ball into the air, giving it extra spin, and hits it with both palms, adding more power.
  • Hija Reppa - The aerial version of Violet Snake Fierce Domination and the carving of the air into a snake form.

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