Start the Lesson! is the 87th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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In Italy, Xanxus is waiting for the arrival of Squalo in order to complete the Vongola Ring.

Reborn is forcing Tsuna to train by repeatedly shooting him with Dying Will Bullets. As the Dying Will Flames wore off, Tsuna finds himself clinging on the side of a cliff with Reborn waiting for him at the top. Reborn tells Tsuna to climb but the rock Tsuna was supporting himself on breaks off, causing him to fall to the river below. Reborn climbs down and tells Tsuna that with if he doesn't improve, he will not be able to face the Varia. Reborn also tells Tsuna that the fake Vongola Rings should have arrived in Italy; the dice has been cast, a battle with the Varia is inevitable. Reborn also tells Tsuna that he has two days to complete his current training since the first boss did the same training in order to compliment his weapons, a pair of gloves similar to Tsuna's. Tsuna tries to complain but Reborn shoots him with a Dying Will Bullet and forces him to sleep. As Reborn watches Tsuna sleep, Iemitsu Sawada watches them from afar, thinking that Reborn is planning to make Tsuna master a certain technique which took Vongola Primo half a year to do.

Meanwhile, Dino is battling Hibari on the rooftop of Namimori Middle School. As the two battle, Dino is impressed with Hibari's strength, thinking that he is definitely needed in Tsuna's Family. Dino is forced to take the battle more seriously. Meanwhile, Iemitsu is watching them and thinks that they should just continue fighting.

At Tsuyoshi Yamamoto's dojo, Yamamoto is preparing himself to be trained by his father. After Yamamoto put on his Kendo gear, Tsuyoshi immediately attacks him with his bamboo sword. Iemitsu watches from the outside and comments that what Yamamoto is lacking in his sword skills is a harsh spirit.

Elsewhere, Ryohei and Colonnello are laying under the sun. Ryohei asks Colonnello when they were going to train but Colonnello tells him that his training is to stop training the body since he already had enough power to begin with. Iemitsu watches them from afar, thinking that with Colonnello's training, Ryohei will possess great strength in battle.

Back to Tsuna and Reborn, Tsuna begins to ask Reborn about the wielders of the Sun and Mist rings. Reborn refuses to say who and Tsuna concludes that Basil will have one. Just then, Haru arrives and, hearing that Tsuna was training there, gives him some snacks. Haru then tells them that she saw Gokudera on her way, alone and injured. Hearing this, Tsuna goes to see Gokudera, not wanting him to do something crazy.

Elsewhere, Gokudera is forcing to train without any help while Iemitsu watches him from afar. Suddenly, Gokudera's dynamites causes a huge explosion...

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