Squalo Grande Pioggia, nicknamed as Alo, is a Rain-attribute Fish-type Box Weapon possessed by Squalo.

Plot overview[edit | edit source]

Squalo first used it to instantly defeat three Millefiore Famiglia grunts.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Even among Rain-attribute Box Weapons, the Squalo Grande Pioggia possesses top competitive ferocity and destructive power. It can give great damage just by grazing its skin.

Those bitten by the Squalo Grande Pioggia will temporarily forget about pain, due to the Tranquility characteristic of the Rain Flames.

It is also strong enough to engage against multiple opponents at once without the help of its master.

  • Biting (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Lacerating (噛みちぎり, Kamichigiri?)
  • Devouring (食いちぎり, Kuichigiri?)
  • Headbutt (頭突き, Zutsuki?)
  • Squalo Rotante (鮫スピン(スクアーロ・ロタンテ), Sukuāro Rotante (Same Supin)?)
  • Lima di Squalo (鮫ヤスリ(リーマ・ディ・スクアーロ), Rīma di Sukuāro (Same Yasuri)?)

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