The Spinosauro Nuvola is a Cloud-attribute Dinosaur-type Box Weapon. It is an Asura Box implanted through Kikyo, merging his body with the Box's power.

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The Spinosaurus that served as the base was a carnivorous dinosaur with a sail made of skin on its back. Its figure, in which multiple heads have split up by Kikyo's Cloud Flame Propagation characteristics, have already went beyond the original and its dreadful appearance and has overwhelming power, which is said to be one of the goals of the Box Weapons.[1]

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After opening the Spinosauro Nuvola, Kikyo becomes a hybrid between human and Spinosaurus with Cloud Flames flowing out of his shoulders and hips. In this state, not only his physical abilities are increased, but his hair becomes much longer and its ends transform into Spinosaurus heads. These heads can maneuver around and even extend themselves to reach the enemy and sink their teeth into his or her body. They are also able to drill bellow the earth in order to perform underground surprise attacks.

  • Biting (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Self Division (分裂, Bunretsu?)
  • Surprise Attack (奇襲, Kishū?)
  • Divisione Infinita (無限分裂(ディヴィシオーネ・インフィニータ), Divishiōne Infinīta (Mugen bunretsu)?)
  • Divisione Testa:[2][3] (分裂頭(ディヴィシオーネ・テスタ), Divishiōne Tesuta (Bunretsu atama)?) This technique allows a Spinosauro Nuvola's head to split itself into two complete heads. By repeating this process infinitely with the Cloud-attribute Mare Ring, an army of Spinosaurus dinosaurs can be easily created.

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