Reborn vs Evil Hitmen is the 176.1st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It is a special chapter that takes place before the Kokuyo Arc. It was originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump's extra edition, Jump Heroes, which was published on June 30, 2005.[1] It was later reprinted in Vongola 77.

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Lenny and Manny are eating chicken on a bench until they are caught by the police because they stole the chicken from the supermarket. When the police try to catch Lenny, Lenny runs behind the policeman and kicks the police with his super speed. After the police oficer falls down, Manny picks him up and throws the police on the ground with his super strength. Lenny reminds him of the real goal they came to Japan for: to kill Reborn.

At Tsuna's house, Lambo is pretending to kill sand-made-reborn with water. Lambo sees a cat and asks the cat if it thinks he is powerful. The cat walks away and Lambo assumes it is ignoring him, and he chases after it until he bumps into Manny. Lenny asks Lambo if he knows where Reborn lives but Lambo refuses to answer until Lenny and Manny apologize for bumping into him. Lenny hits him, and while Lambo is trying to regain his balance, he suggests to Manny if they torture Lambo that Reborn might come.

Lambo tries to run away, but he is blocked by Lenny and then he is punched several times. I-Pin appears and blocks off and protects Lambo from Lenny's kick. Tsuna comes right after I-pin. Lenny decides to let Lambo live longer and reveals to Tsuna he is a hitman. Lenny comes at Tsuna to kill him but I-pin starts trying to punch Lenny. After Lenny kicks her, I-pin uses her "Gyoza-Kempo ", but it does not work on them because they are robots from the Macchina Famiglia. Lenny explains that killing Reborn is the first step to show the Mafia world that the Macchina Family is both highly advanced and powerful. I-pin becomes scared and hides behind Tsuna. Reborn appears on the wall and throws a chicken bone at Lenny and Manny. Tsuna pleads to Reborn to help them, but Reborn shoots a bullet at Lambo's temple making Lenny and Manny to realize they weren't friends. Reborn starts to leave because he will not fight an opponent inferior to him. Lenny and Manny get angry and tries to attack, but Lambo's hair gets coiled up on Lenny's legs and disables him to move. Reborn explains if the Dying Will Bullet is shot through the temple, it becomes the hair growing bullet. Lenny and Manny rip off Lambo's hair and combines together to show Reborn their "true strength". They think they are the perfect cyborg because they have both the speed and strength. But when Lenny and Manny try to attack at Reborn, he easily dodges it, claiming they are not as fast as Lenny. Reborn purposely gets caught by Lenny/Manny, but they cannot crush him. Reborn shoots the Dying Will bullet through both Manny's and Lenny's cheeks. Lenny/Manny attempts to shoot Reborn with their missiles from their mouths, but when Reborn holds up the dying will bullet (and his Arcobaleno Pacifier glows) and he shoots it at Lenny/Manny, they explode. Tsuna is impressed at Reborn that he took care of them so easily, but Reborn goes away when Tsuna asks for help because he got caught in Lambo's growing hair. It ends with two ladies looking at Reborn, saying that he's a cute baby.

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  1. その他増刊号表紙一覧 (Japanese). Chunen Jump.

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