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Character Outline


Spanner has blonde hair, green eyes and is almost always seen wearing a green mechanician jumpsuit and black boots.


He was an engineer in the Millefiore's Tech Department at the Merone Base and was a B-Ranked officer of the Black Spell. As one of the Millefiore's genius mechanics, he was responsible for the creation of the Famiglia's Mosca units, including the King Mosca and the Mini Mosca (in the anime). Currently, however, Spanner has been recruited into the Vongola Famiglia by Tsuna after the transportation of the Merone Base by the Hyper-Flame Ring Transfer System. Spanner is described as a "relaxed" character who doesn't get as worked up as Shoichi. It's revealed that Spanner and Shoichi go way back and met each other at a robotics competition in high school. They were also in the Tech Department together when they both just joined the Millefiore.


According to the anime, Spanner makes his own lollipops and when asked why he is always seen eating one, he answers that eating sugar keeps the brain efficient. He's a technophile and loves Japan because of their advancements in robotics. He's also interested in the power of the Vongola, to the point where he doesn't mind betraying his own Famiglia to help Tsuna complete the X-Burner. He's also competitive when it comes to mechanical engineering, going as far as challenging Giannini's skills as the current Vongola technician.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

Merone Base Invasion

When the Merone Base is infiltrated by the Vongola, Shoichi turns to Spanner, asking him to locate and eliminate Tsuna. After a long battle, Tsuna eventually defeats Spanner's King Mosca and falls unconscious. Prepared to kill him, Spanner decides against it and takes him back to his workshop, where he handcuffs him until he wakes up. His motives for doing so eventually become clear when he reveals that he's planning on helping Tsuna perfect his X Burner, the new technique he acquired and used against the King Mosca. Admitting that he's a techno- and Japanophile, he tells Tsuna that he's interested in the power of the Vongola and didn't kill him because killing someone with a gun just isn't his style.

In order to help Tsuna perfect his X Burner, Spanner develops a pair of contact lenses for him that will help him gain control of the flames in each of his gloves. In the middle of working on this project, Iris and Ginger Bread show up to take Tsuna and kill Spanner. Rather than running away, he sacrifices himself to complete the contacts and is surprised when Tsuna protects him. Sadly, Mini Moska dies from trying to protect the one who made him (in the anime). After Tsuna unleashes the power of the fully complete X Burner, the two head out in search of Shoichi and his laboratory. Along the way, they run into Genkishi, who Tsuna faces off against in an attempt to get to their destination. Eventually, they make it to the laboratory, where they find the other members of the Tsuna's family, and Shoichi himself.

After the disappearance of the Merone Base, Spanner and Shoichi are left homeless and jobless. Tsuna accepts them into the Vongola and the two work together to conceal the time machine that was in Shoichi's laboratory. After this task is complete, Spanner, Shoichi and Giannini begin preparing for the upcoming Choice battle with Byakuran. This leads to a competition over who can come up with the better invention. After 10 days of barely sleeping, the three finish and pass out at the Vongola base. Unlike Shoichi, who's shown to be sleeping in a state of half-undress up against the wall, Spanner is shown to be curled up in bed with a night cap on.

Choice Arc

As a new member of the Vongola Famiglia, Spanner is made to participate in the Choice battle with the Millefiore. After the entire family gathers, they're transported to the Lightning Field, where the participants of Choice are to be selected. Byakuran and Tsuna spin the Gyro-Roulette and two "non-elemental" members of the Vongola are chosen. Shoichi suggests that both he and Spanner could participate, and Tsuna agrees.

While Yamamoto, Gokudera and Tsuna take the offensive, Shoichi and Spanner stay behind at the base, where they can observe the battle and help with battle tactics. They also operate the Dying Will Flame decoys and lasers positioned around the battlefield. After Tsuna's defeat of Torikabuto and Yamamoto's (second) battle with Saru/Genkishi, Spanner and Shoichi are put under the spotlight as Kikyo begins heading their way. They plan to stall for time by making their base mobile after their last line of defense, lasers positioned around the base, proves to be ineffective. However, their speed was outmatched as Kikyo closes in on them. Gokudera intercepts the attack but is brushed aside, and the base goes down, leaving Shoichi injured and Spanner unconscious. Shoichi plans to make a run for it, leaving Spanner to "take care of the base."

The Vongola eventually lose the battle after Yamamoto strikes down Daisy, who doesn't die. After a dramatic turn of events involving Uni, the Vongola and their allies are transported back to Namimori, Spanner included. He eventually goes back to the Vongola base with Yamamoto, Giannini and Bianchi in an attempt to salvage the base and rescue Squalo. Spanner does eventually return with Yamamoto, though the part he plays in the final battle with Byakuran is limited. Before the Ten Years Later Arc comes to an end, he's seen, true to character, working on a new Mosca, and nearly destroying Gokudera in the process.

Future Final Battle Arc

Just before Yuni died, she showed images to some people from the past of what happened to the future. Spanner was one of those people and thus, his past self knows everything.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

Spanner communicated with Shoichi Irie and used his knowledge and experiences from what he saw because of Yuni to create new gear for Tsuna. He sent the gear to Japan and he informed Shoichi that he too would be there soon, to meet them. In the recent chapter, Tsuna has a flashback of Spanner making a special set of contacts which he uses in the battle with Enma of the Simon Famiglia. The contacts allow Tsuna to fire a two-handed X-Burner called the XX-Burner.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Shoichi and Spanner arrive at Yuni's mansion to find a way to counter Team Verde's Reality Illusion Gloves.

Later, he, Shoichi, and Verde create the Decoy Puppet for the Alliance Team to use.

During the 4th day, Verde commands Spanner to fire. As the object flies, Verde leaps into it and it is revealed to be a Green Mosca. Verde explains that by using the latest Mosca frame built by Spanner and adding his cutting-edge military technology he was able to create this super robot.

Weapons and Abilities

Strau Mosca

  • Mini Mosca: A smaller version of the Mosca which Spanner created to handle things like cooking, heating, and making his lolipops. The Mini Mosca has no combat features. It shows a strange connection to Spanner, sacrificing itself to protect Spanner.
  • Strau Mosca: Spanner can create these infinitely more powerful versions of Gola Mosca who fight for him via remote control.
  • King Mosca:By combining the Strau Mosca together, Spanner can create this Mosca, which is faster, more powerful and isn't limited to short range.
  • Virtual Mosca: Spanner uses these to calculate one's power using his laptop (like he did with the Death Stalk Unit) or to train someone using the virtual reality machine (like he did with Tsuna).

Other co-invention:

Decoy Puppet : a construct comprised of a machine with a speaker capable of imitating a person's voice and heartbeat as well as a lantern capable of being lit by the Dying Will Flame of a person and an outer shell identical to the person the puppet is intended to replace.


Spanner's tattoo

  • Spanner ranked 17th in the most recent popularity poll, while in the previous one, he ranked 11th.
  • Spanner has a tattoo on his left side of his neck.
  • Spanner, it seems, puts his love of machinery and technology before his commitment to the Millefiore, as he has no qualms about helping Tsuna perfect his X-Burner and, eventually, teaming up with the Vongola.
  • Spanner calls Tsuna "Vongola", not by his actual name.

    Spanner's Nightcap

  • Spanner's candies are shaped as wrenches, which also hints to his passion for machinery.
  • "Spanner" is another word for wrench.
  • When Tsuna was given one of Spanner's candies, he revealed that they are strawberry flavored, to which Spanner said that it was his favorite flavor.
  • In Haru Haru's Interview: Dangerous, Spanner said that he likes Japan and Yamato Nadeshiko, "kind women." He also said that he has many flavors for his lollipop.
  • Spanner sleeps with a nightcap.
  • Spanner is British and was raised in Italy by his grandfather, who was a mechanic. They shared the same love for Japan.
  • He has the same seiyu as twenty-five-year-old Lambo, Lampo, and Romeo. When Tsuna met Spanner for the first time, he mistook his voice for Adult Lambo.
  • Spanner doesn't like killing people live, but he doesn't mind killing people over the remote monitor on Moscas.
  • His fandom shorthand is '48'.
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