Spanner was an engineer in the Millefiore's Tech Department at the Merone Base and was a B-Ranked officer of the Black Spell.[2] He invented the Contact Lenses and gave it to Tsunayoshi Sawada to perfect the X-Burner.

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Spanner has blonde hair, green eyes and is almost always seen wearing a green mechanic;s sjumpsuit and black boots.

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According to the anime, Spanner makes his own lollipops and when asked why he is always seen eating one, he answers that eating sugar keeps the brain efficient. He's a technophile and loves Japan because of their advancements in robotics. He's also interested in the power of the Vongola, to the point where he doesn't mind betraying his own Famiglia to help Tsuna complete the X-Burner. He's also competitive when it comes to mechanical engineering, going as far as challenging Giannini's skills as the current Vongola technician.

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Strau Mosca

Strau Mosca

  • Mini Moska: A smaller version of the Moska which Spanner created to handle things like cooking, heating, and making his lolipops. The Mini Moska has no combat features. It shows a strange connection to Spanner, sacrificing itself to protect Spanner.
  • Strau Moska: Spanner can create these infinitely more powerful versions of Gola Moska who fight for him via remote control.
  • King Moska:By combining the Strau Moska together, Spanner can create this Moska, which is faster, more powerful and isn't limited to short range.
  • Virtual Mosca: Spanner uses these to calculate one's power using his laptop (like he did with the Deadly Stem Force) or to train someone using the virtual reality machine (like he did with Tsuna).
  • Decoy Puppet: a construct comprised of a machine with a speaker capable of imitating a person's voice and heartbeat as well as a lantern capable of being lit by the Dying Will Flame of a person and an outer shell identical to the person the puppet is intended to replace.

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  • When he introduced himself to Tsuna, he wrote (酢花, suhana?) in a piece of paper. He incorrectly placed a handakuten ( ゚) on the kanji (, hana?) to make it be pronounced with [p].[2][3]
  • Spanner ranked 17th in the most recent popularity poll, while in the previous one, he ranked 11th.
Spanner tattoo

Spanner's tattoo

  • Spanner has a tattoo on his left side of his neck.
  • Spanner calls Tsuna "Vongola", not by his actual name.
  • Spanner's candies are shaped as wrenches, alluding to his name.
  • When Tsuna was given one of Spanner's candies, he revealed that they are strawberry flavored, which is his favorite flavor.[citation needed]
  • In Haru's Haru Haru Interview: Dangerous, Spanner said that he likes Japan and Yamato Nadeshiko, "kind women." He also said that he has many flavors for his lollipop.
Spanner's Nightcap1

Spanner's Nightcap

  • Spanner sleeps with a nightcap.
  • Spanner is British and was raised in Italy by his grandfather, who was a mechanic. They shared the same love for Japan.[citation needed]
  • He has the same seiyu as twenty-five-year-old Lambo, Lampow, and Romeo. When Tsuna met Spanner for the first time, he mistook his voice for Adult Lambo.
  • Spanner doesn't like killing people with his own hands, but he doesn't mind killing people using the remote monitor on Moskas.
  • His fandom shorthand is '48'.
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