Snow Fight Round 2 is the 38th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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With Bianchi forming a team with Lambo and I-Pin, Dino concludes that Bianchi hypnotized the kids. However, she reveals that she merely threatened them, causing Tsunayoshi Sawada and Dino to comment that she is scary. Tsuna then notices that Hayato Gokudera is alright although Bianchi is present and concluded that when Bianchi's face is partially hidden, Gokudera will not feel any stomach pain. Reborn then announces that due to the third team, the rules have changed and everyone is supposed to go after Leon who will be running around too.

With the new rules, the second round begins and Bianchi easily defeats a member of Dino's team after putting some of her poison cooking inside a snowball. Dino's team retaliates by using bullets hidden within snowballs. Meanwhile, Tsuna's team decides to stay out of the battle and goes after Leon. However, the other two teams see this and start attacking them as well but Futa is able to defend them by levitating the surrounding snow and uses it as a shield. He tells Takeshi Yamamoto that his running ability is ranked as the 231st out of 80,223 people, the highest among them while Gokudera's fire power is ranked 116th out of 80,223, the highest among them too. With this information, Futa devises a plan to have Yamamoto run after Leon while Gokudera and his shield hold back the other teams to which they agree.

Gokudera immediately uses his Double Bombs and defeats both Lambo and Bono Houston. Dino runs off to get Leon while Yamamoto follows him. However, Dino trips when he loses sight of his subordinates and causes him and Yamamoto to be trapped inside a giant ball of snow. Team Poison-Cow Cooking Cuisine thinks that they have the advantage and starts attacking again but stops when Dino reveals that he dropped Enzio on the melted snow, which causes him to grow in size. Bianchi tries to warn Gokudera to run but ends up making him unconscious when she removes her mask. Just then, Enzio falls asleep and collapses on top of Bianchi, I-Pin, Futa and Romario, leaving Tsuna the only participant left. Tsuna then goes and tries to capture Leon but is surprised to see that Kyoya Hibari captured it himself. He feints an attack on Tsuna before leaving to do some of his prefect duties. However before he leaves, I-Pin sees him and activates her Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion causing Reborn to win the snowball fight...

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