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Small Gia is a member of Vindice and Team Bermuda.

Character Outline[]


Like many other Vindice, Small Gia's true form is that of an emaciated, rotting zombie-like corpse. Though, his and Big Pino's is more human-like than the other members. He has bandages wrapped in miscellaneous areas around his body, a shredded jacket-like article of clothing, and a stone Arcobaleno Pacifier hung around his neck. Like one of his teammates, he always stuck his tongue out.


Unlike other Vindice, he is much more expressive about what he thinks and extremely sadistic, to the point that Gia himself states that his personal hobby is creating different weapons to play and killing people with the said weapons.

Plot Overview[]

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc[]

Small Gia obeys Bermuda's orders and separates from the main Team Bermuda to attack Team Verde along with Big Pino, but is shocked to discover the use of the Allied Team's Decoy Puppet. Subsequently, Illusions cast by Fran and Chrome Dokuro attack to stall the Team Bermuda duo, while Tsunayoshi Sawada, Enma Kozato, and Basil head over to eliminate Small Gia and Big Pino.

While this is occurring, Bermuda von Veckenschtein is remotely aware of these facts. Jaeger expresses his desire to assist Small Gia and Big Pino, but is blocked by the five Allied Team members Xanxus, Superbia Squalo, Byakuran, Dino, and Mukuro.

Small Gia finds out that the real Takeshi Yamamoto and Hayato Gokudera are hidden among the illusions and from the coordination of the attacks manage to locate the spot where Gokudera is protecting Chrome and Fran, which Big Pino destroys with his cannon, revealing them. He orders Big Pino to attack again, but his enemies are saved by Tsuna, Basil and Enma. Excited to finally have opponents with spirit, he takes some of his weapons Big Pino was holding.

Small Gia manage to quickly defeat Basil and trap momentarily blinded Tsuna's and Enma's eyes with his flash, but Yamamoto stopped him from destroying Tsuna's watch with the help of Enma who uses his gravity manipulation to stop his and Big Pino's movements. Using Verde's Real Illusion Device with Chrome's aid, Fran protects Yamamoto and Gokudera by covering their bodies with ceramics before Yamamoto destroys his wrist watch with Gokudera's dynamites.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Variety of Weapons: Small Gia have dozen of weapons handcrafted by himself. Gia usually have Pino to carry his weapons on the latter's back. Gia's list of weapons include bladed rods, big explosive maces and barrier projectors.

Warp hole: As a Vindice, Small Gia can use his Flame of Night to create portals and teleport via said portals.