Small Animal is the 323rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As Hibari looks to Adelheid, he states it was her turn next. Undeterred, Adelheid reforms several Blizzardroids behind Hibari, who dismisses them as they are "not a threat" to him. Adelheid then asks Hibari why a fighter of his caliber has sided with Tsuna, and Hibari retorts that he isn't and asks Adelheid why she follows someone equally pitiful. When Adelheid tries to defend Enma by saying he carries the sadness of Simon, Hibari remarks that he is a small animal and, because he bears things too big for him, keeps screaming.

This sends Adelheid into a rage, who declares that Enma hates war and only chose this path to preserve the Simon, while sending her revived Blizzardroids to attack Hibari, who quickly cuts them down. Hibari then begins striking Adelheid's Diamond Castle, but his attacks seem to do nothing more than leave shallow cracks in the ice. As Adelheid revives her Blizzardroids again, Hibari quickly defeats them and continues trying to break the castle, but Reborn comments that if Hibari continues at this pace he would run out of stamina.

When Adelheid claims that Hibari would never break her castle and take her armband, Hibari says that in some cases, small animals aren't weaklings and have their methods of survival, otherwise they would've died out long ago. He then comments that Roll would be the one to shatter her castle from the inside; as Adelheid ponders what he means, it is revealed that Hibari planted copies of Roll in each crack he left. He then has Roll go into Needle Sphere Form and the copies inside the castle grow and shatter it. Hibari then appears behind a stunned Adelheid who says that despite her loss, Enma would revive the Simon and Hibari would regret siding with the Vongola. Hibari responds that he isn't on either side but does as he pleases, which Adelheid claims makes him a true cloud of the great sky. While Hibari didn't like her phrasing, he states that the sky does allow the clouds to move freely, but one day he would bite the sky itself.

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