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This is used by [[Dino]].  A box weapon of rejuvenation. It has [[Sky Flame]] to stabilize health and [[Sun Flame]] to make the body active stored in it's belly. This box weapon has been only shown on anime.
{{Infobox box weapon
| theme = sky
| name = Sky Turtle
| image = [[File:SkyTurtle1.png]]
| type = Animal
| flame = [[Sky Flame]], [[Sun Flame]]
| users = [[Dino]]
| anime debut = [[Terror! Turmoil on Base|Episode 163]]
The '''Sky Turtle''' is a [[Sky Flame|Sky-attribute]] Animal-type [[Box Weapon]] used by ten-years-later [[Dino]]. It has only appeared in the anime adaptation.
== Description ==
A Box Weapon of rejuvenation, it has the [[Sky Flame]] to stabilize health and the [[Sun Flame]] to make the body stored in its belly active. This process is done by swallowing its "targets" whole and laying them in eggs.
Despite their similarities, the Sky Turtle is not [[Enzio]].
== Navigation ==
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[[Category:Sky-attribute Box Weapons]]
[[Category:Sun-attribute Box Weapons]]
[[Category:Animal-type Box Weapons]]

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