The Sky Ring Battle is the final match of the Vongola Ring Conflict. It is the battle between the candidates for the title of Vongola Decimo, Tsunayoshi Sawada and Xanxus. The arena is the entire Namimori Middle School.

Prelude Edit

The Sky Match resulted from Xanxus framing Tsuna for "assassinating" Vongola IX during the Cloud Match. After that, the Cervello decided that the Sky Match would be taking place in order for Xanxus to "avenge" the IX and decide the person to succeed the IX and become Vongola X. While Xanxus and Tsuna fight things out, the Guardians are poisoned with a poison called "Death Heater" and must retrieve their respective Flame's Vongola Ring that is situated on poles near them, which is a key to release the antidote. The Guardians' mission is to collect all the Rings and help their fellow Guardians if they choose to do so. During the Sky Ring Battle, the Infrared Cages were used to prevent a side's allies from helping them. The Infrared Cages were controlled by the Cervello that later were discovered to be hacked and controlled by the Varia.

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Tsuna vs Xanxus

Xanxus vs. Tsuna

After all Guardians have been hit with Death Heater, Tsuna is hit by Reborn's special bullet that enables Tsuna's Hyper Dying Will Mode. Tsuna then charges at Xanxus, trying to strike twice, but both being avoided as to Xanxus slams his elbow and kicks Tsuna away to the wall. Tsuna once again tries to punch Xanxus, but got his hand gripped by Xanxus. Xanxus was about to hit Tsuna with his Flame of Wrath but Tsuna quickly propels his Flames to quickly avoid the attack, which instead hits reinforced cement on the school grounds. Meanwhile, Reborn explains that Xanxus had a very rare kind of Flame which only the Vongola Secondo had. Xanxus then exclaims that the first generation ran away to Japan since he was afraid that the Secondo would defeat him, to which Tsuna taunts Xanus into having a fist fight to see which Flame was stronger; Tsuna wins the fistfight by compressing the force of his Flame into one point, knocking Xanxus away.


X-Guns Revealed

As Tsuna was about to rush Xanxus again through the smoke, Xanxus shot his real weapons, his X-Guns, and broke thorugh the Flame shield on Tsuna's suit. When Tsuna flew into the air, Xanxus followed through shooting his guns to the ground, causing a pulse and propulsion effect to Xanxus. Tsuna then chases Xanxus around in air then dodges one shot, to which Xanxus was planning another shot. Tsuna blocked, but instead bounced the atttack to the Mist Guardians' area's roof. After hearing his Guardians beg for mercy, Xanxus shoots the pillars with the Vongola Rings towards their direction, giving them the Rings and freeing them from the poison. Belphegor leaves his building and is surprised to see Hibari, who gets the Storm Ring knocked towards Gokudera. Hibari and Bel fight for a while. Meanwhile, Gokudera, just in the knick of time, saves Lambo from Levi A Than by throwing dynamites. He first throws some in the air and leaves traps on the ground. Then when he had the chance, Gokudera taunted Levi into using the Levi Volta, to which Gokudera launched his Rocket Bombs attack at the parabolas, destroying them and leaving Levi defenseless.

Scoppio d'Ira

Scoppio d'Ira

Gokudera then launched 1 more set of Rocket Bombs, which completely defeats Levi, and Gokudera takes the Lightning Ring to release the poison from Lambo. Back with Hibari and Bel, Hibari was getting hit by the wires, so he decided to grab the next knives thrown to see the tricks; Hibari then reveals chains from his tonfas and gets the upper hand. Bel then runs away due to his situation and goes to Mammon. Tsuna and Xanxus continue their fight while Gokudera and Hibari help the other Guardians from the poison. Xanxus quickly gets the upper hand by becoming faster and launching assaults on Tsuna. Tsuna then decides to use the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, much to Xanxus's shock. Xanxus decides to quickly try and stop Tsuna. Xanxus shoots Tsuna with his Scorpio di Ira.

Bocciolo di Fiamma

Bocciolo di Fiamma

Tsuna is then seen lying down as if he were defeated, but even after a brutal hit, Tsuna's Zero Point Breakthrough was a success, and discovers something else, calling it Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised.

Colpo d'Addio

Colpo d'Addio

Xanxus then mocks Tsuna, claiming it was no longer Zero Point Breakthrough if he changed it and starts to roughly attack Tsuna, and shoots the latter with his Bocciolo di Fiamma, then tries ending it with Colpo di Addio. To their surprise, Tsuna is still standing and has bigger Flames. Tsuna absorbed the attack and made the Flames of it his own and caught up to Xanxus, backflipped and kicked, struck, then slammed and punched Xanxus. Meanwhile, Gokudera and Yamamoto try to save Chrome Dokuro, but end up in Mammon's illusion; however, Ryohei broke down the gym to destroy the illusions. Bel and Mammon had, however, grabbed the Rings, though Chrome was safe. Xanxus then became very angry and showed his scars. Xanxus then tried attacking again but Tsuna countered and punched Xanxus again. Xanxus then shot and then thrust forward to Tsuna and grappled his hand to which Xanxus hand was frozen and it was discovered that Tsuna could use the Vongola Primo's legendary technique: Zero Point Breakthrough, First Edition. Xanxus then tried beaking a few ice and added Flames, but Tsuna retaliates and freezes Xanxus completely. Tsuna, however, out of energy, collapses. Mammon comes up and unfreezes Xanxus with the Vongola Rings, Xanxus suddenly being revived with power, but coughs up blood. Tsuna states that the Sky Ring had rejected Xanxus, and Squalo tells the story of the Cradle Affair. Since the Sky Ring rejected Xanxus, the Cervello declare Tsuna as the official Vongola Decimo successor.

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Afterwards, the Varia attempt to call their subordinates to eliminate everyone, but Lancia, who broke out of Vindice Prison once more, eliminates them. The Sky Ring Battle then officially ends, Tsuna officially inheriting the Vongola Decimo successor title.

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