Template:Flame Infobox Sky Flames are the rarest and the most comparable to actual flames among all the Dying Will Flames of the Sky, burning and releasing heat.
Described as having many mysteries, its characteristic, Harmony, represents a state without contradiction nor flaws in which the balance of the whole is maintained. Furthermore, three different "types" of Sky Flames have been shown. First is the "Soft" Flame which has its energy dispersed, so it is suitable for hovering or maintaining a stance. In contrast, "Hard" Flames are said to have the highest purity within Sky Flames. They are released by an increase in explosive energy and are used for a straight burst of speed or simply raw power.

The third type is not actually a type of Sky Flame, but the fusion of both Sky and Storm Flames. This produces the Flame of Wrath. Bearers of the Sky-attribute are said to be exceptionally rare and most of the known ones share the common trait of possessing great insight. "Soft" Flames have a core that is pale orange in color, but they gradually become of a deeper shade in the area closer its edges. Meanwhile, the core of "hard" Flames are of a very dark, almost reddish shade of orange and the parts closer to its edges are colored by varying tones of orange with some crystal like sparkling elements in them.


  • Most canon characters that occupy or are aspirants for the position of "mafia boss" possess a Sky-attribute Dying Will Flame.
  • Ironically, despite being described as rare, about 20 named characters have been revealed as bearers of Sky-attribute Flames, which is more than any other attribute have individually. However, it must be noted that most of the 20 said characters are already deceased.
  • Future Hibari has stated that while the Sky Flame is able to open Boxes of all attributes, it cannot draw out their full potential.
  • The Snow Flame, a game-only Flame, is revealed to be disguised Sky Flames.


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