Skullitis (ドクロ病, Dokuro byō?) is a disease that is inflicted when someone is shot in the head with the Dying Will Bullet 10 times. The person then dies after 2 hours.[1][2]

Skullitis makes small black and white skulls show up on different parts of your body and those skulls reveal your deepest secrets until you die. Because of this, it is also called the "Shame to Death Disease" (死に恥をさらす病, Shinihaji wo sarasu byō?). In the anime, they speak out loud, in the manga the secrets are written out in speech balloons.

The opposite of Skullitis, the Angel Disease, was inflicted on Tsunayoshi Sawada through Dr. Shamal's Trident Mosquitoes.

List of Tsuna's secrets[edit | edit source]

  • "I never got 100 on my test."
  • "I skip school on the days I'm supposed to get shots..."
  • "I slipped on a banana peel."
  • "I suck at the 7 row for multiplication,"
  • "I can't drink coffee."
  • "I'm scared of moths."
  • "I don't know the difference between ham and sausage."
  • "Can't sleep in the dark."
  • "Personal record of losses, 245."
  • "I had beans stuck in my nose and was taken to the hospital."
  • "Younger people address me without respect."
  • "People used to call me Saiyan and bully me."
  • "What's a leap year?"
  • "I'm scared of slugs."
  • "Kyoko-chan is the first girl I've spoken to. (2 months ago)

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