}The Skull Rings are the Rings of Hayato Gokudera's Sistema C.A.I. and are comprised of Lightning, Rain, Sun, and Cloud attribute rings. None of them were seen until Gokudera's second battle with Gamma. He uses them to open his Sistema C.A.I Box Weapons, which pack different Flame-property artillery. He can then use that artillery to attack the opponent.

Artillery[edit | edit source]

Lightning Tube: An electric attack that is made of Storm Flames and strengthened by Lightning Flames. Gokudera calls the combination, Flame Thunder and considers it his strongest attack.

Rain Tube: A regular Storm Flame attack with Rain Flames added. The Rain Flames' Tranquility characteristic makes it easier to break through Flame shields.

Sun Cartridge: A machine gun-like attack. The Flame Arrow uses special bullets that are infused with Storm Flames and sped up by Sun Flames.

Cloud Tube: A laser type attack that combines the Propagation of Cloud Flames and the Disintegration of Storm Flames. The attack spreads out in a tree-like diagram, making it difficult to avoid.

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