Skill is the 75th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Mukuro Rokudo begins to use another one of his skills which causes the building to collapse. Tsuna begins to panic after seeing Futa, Bianchi and Reborn falling through the building. However, Reborn hits Tsuna on the face and reveals to him that he saw an illusion. Mukuro is impressed that Reborn saw through it and tells them that it's The Realm of Hell, able to break one's mind through an endless nightmare. Mukuro asks Reborn if he's not going to fight but Reborn tells him that it's against the rules and adds that there's no need for him to do anything unless his student is defeated. Mukuro then uses his third realm, The Realm of Beasts which causes multiple snakes to appear out of midair. Tsuna begins to panic and asks if they were illusions, but Mukuro tells him that the snakes are real. Mukuro turns back to Reborn asking if he's not going to do anything but Reborn refuses and states that he's an excellent home tutor.

As the snakes begin to close in on Tsuna, a tonfa is thrown at Mukuro who is able to deflect it with his trident. Just then, dynamites explode around Tsuna, killing all the snakes and Gokudera and Hibari enters the room. As Hibari throws Gokudera aside, Mukuro asks where Chikusa Kakimoto and Ken Joshima are and Gokudera tells him that they were defeated. Hibari then approaches Mukuro and Mukuro agrees to battle him.

Mukuro activates his Realm of Demons and charges at Hibari. Hibari is able to hold his own against Mukuro and Reborn tells Mukuro to not take Hibari lightly. Mukuro agrees, saying that if Hibari wasn't injured he may be defeated. Mukuro then uses his Realm of Hell to summon multiple Sakura trees and waits for Hibari to kneel before him. However, Hibari is unaffected and attacks Mukuro, hitting him in the stomach. Gokudera reveals that he cured Hibari's Sakura disease with Shamal's medications. Hibari then continues to attack Mukuro and seems to have defeated him.

Tsuna and Reborn approach Hibari but he collapses due to exhaustion and Reborn comments that he was fighting unconsciously halfway through the fight. Tsuna then sees Bianchi and Futa and tells Reborn that they should take them to the hospital but Reborn tells him the Vongola Medical Team are already on their way. Just then, Mukuro sits up again and pulls out a gun. The group thinks that they are going to shoot him but is surprised when Mukuro shoots himself with the bullet. Reborn thinks that Mukuro would rather die than be captured. Suddenly, Bianchi's eyes open and seem to be similar to Mukuro's...

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